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Q.Respected dr. Qamar zaman kindly give a detailed concept about the life ,if any, after death with Quanic references especially, and had we spent a life before this present life.
By: dr shahid On: 3/26/2010

1.Dear Dr Shahid God bless you,  
The answer needs detailed quotations from Quran ,but briefly all the events attributed to Life after Physical death are misinterpretations  
and need to be corrected. There are three events or concepts of death.  
1......Physical death which nobody can deny, as everybody observes that so many people die and they are reduced to dust. So all the verses where the people say "Will we be reduced to ashes or changed to dust or bones? " is not about their physical death, but about their power and control. They can't believe that their kingdom or power can be taken away by anyway.  
2......Some people take the clash between the Momins and Kafirs as the ultimate end of a nation by some supernatural events of the earth, This is again a wrong interpretation. Let me quote the events of Nation of Prophet Saleh. The same event is described in verses...7/78,11/67,41/13,18 & 69/5. In 7/78 the word used is (Rajfa) In11/67 the word used is (Sueha) in 41/13,18 the word used is (Saiqa) and in 69/5 the word used is (Taghia). All the four words have different meanings but they are wrongly interpreted as destruction by supernatural means.  
Rajfa means to jolt, Sueha means horrible noisy sound which make a person deaf, Saaeqa means Lightening and Taghia means to go out of boundries like flood.  
It's very strange to note that in verse 13 Of Sura 41 the nation of Hood called Aad is also mentioned alongwith Nation of saleh called  
Samood. Both were destroyed with Lightening but immeditely after in verse15 the nation of Hood is said to be destroyed by windstorm.  
This is unbelievable that all the five different kind of disasters can occur at one time, keeping in mind the small sizes of the nations at that time.  
These words are similies and used to describe the depth of clash of the two idealogies and the success of the momins.  
3.....The destruction of the universe is also considered to happen. But the question arises, Why God will like to destroy earth. The bad deeds are done by humanbeings not the earth. Why earth is to be punished. Moreover bad society if happen to die centuries ago will not be punished.  
Earth is a small planet in the universe, Consider a huge hall full of dust......... the earth is like a small dot in that huge hall of mud in comparison to universe.  
Why God will destroy the earth to imbalance the whole universe......?  
What gain is he going to get by this kind of destruction.........?  
The life after death described in religion is not the Topic of Quran. Whatever described about Heaven and Hell is about the life of this world. It will be surprising to note that the first verse about heaven clearly shows it to be of this world. Verse 25 of sura 2 quotes the statement of the people of Heaven.  
"Whenever they were given reward from it they said this is the same we were given before."  
This means heaven has been repeatedly rewarded to Momins even before. Now to confirm these words (rozeqoo) (Qaloo ) (Rozeqna) are in past tense pick up dictionary of Quran by Rasheed Nomani and see for yourself.  
The Quran is for the living beings and describes the events of this world in relations to human rights.
Comments by: Dr. Qamar Zaman On: 3/26/2010

2.Salam dr.Q sahib?  
Does that mean there is no standing before God Almighty? No judgment day? Quran says, two lives and two deaths...  
i think i feel a bit dissappointed and dejected.. i know God means the life and death of nations, but what about the individual?
Comments by: Maniza On: 3/27/2010

3.dear sister Maniza,May God bless you,  
dont get disappointed or dejected as saying that "events attributed to Life after Physical death in Quran are misinterpretations"never means  
negation of any judgement day.Let me clearify a little more,  
Are you in a position to imagine about the conditions and happenings after fifty years,or imagine a person who happened to live a hundred  
years before ,was he able to foresee or imagine the world of today.  
If the answer is NO.........then how can we see even in imagination the events of day of judgement But it never means the negation of day of judgement .  
As I said earlier If you dont see a thing it never means it is not is the case of day of judgement "if you cant percieve an event it never means it is not there.  
If you cant imagine the world of 2020,how can you perceive an event which will occur after millions of years.  
The facilities available today were blessings for a person of fifty years back.He could not imagine beyond his intelligence and knowledge.  
It is just like telling an infant for example about the science of space and genetics.  
Had God told us the actual blessings or punishment of life after death it would not have been grasped by our mind and would have been been useless just like telling an infant about the science and technology of space and genetics.Our mind cannot figure out or grasp the actual situation.  
So whatever is said about life after death is "The blessing are much greater " and for punishment is said "the punishment is much insulting and degrading"  
I hope that I have made myself clear.
Comments by: Dr. Qamar Zaman On: 3/28/2010

4.Dear Sir Salam and Peace,  
Thankyou very much for your answer.. indeed we cannot comprehend them, but they are to be as per Quran. This is one of the reasons for people living to believe that they will indeed stand before their maker, and its a deterrent for the evils we do to each other. Especialy many muslims believe because they are muslims they will only be in hell for a short while and they due attrosities to one another.. which is again going against Quran.
Comments by: Maniza On: 3/28/2010 respected dr Qamar Zaman may ALLAH KEEP u in hIs safety and bless u.  
i am verry much pleased that u have helped to keep my understanding of QURANIC CONCEPT of life after death at the right path where it should be.what i have understand from ur description is that there does exist another form of life after physical death,about which at this stage of our life we cant have the SHAOOR (CONSCIOUSNESS) in QURANIC TERM but it does exist.  
As there is a saying of an auther of one of our sugical books(BAILEY AND LOVE) THAT U CAN NOT SEE THOSE THING WHICH ARE NOT IN UR MIND, so as we (our mind , conciousness , shaoor in urdu or arabic) is not at that level at which we can figure out about that form of life which is ahead after this hayat-ud-dunya.
Comments by: dr shahid On: 3/28/2010

6.Dear Dr. Qamar Zaman: kindly explain more about such topic in URDU.. so that every forum participant can easlily understand.... when we commit any sin any wrongdoing any crime...only there is a concept and belief which grab us from doing so.... if we eliminate such belief from our mind, i think we would feel much free to commit crim etc.  
Comments by: Adnan Khan On: 3/29/2010

7.Dear Sir  
Then why do men behave justly? Is it because they fear societal punishment? Are they trembling before notions of divine retribution? Do the stronger elements of society scare the weak into submission in the name of law? Or do men behave justly because it is good for them to do so? Is justice, regardless of its rewards and punishments, a good thing in and of itself? How do we define justice?....
Comments by: Danish roomi On: 5/20/2010

8.Dear dr sahib ,  
A.A, The question under discussion is extremly important. You said that life after death is not the subject of Quran. Other things you explained are quite understandable that it was not possible for human beings to understand nature of life after death. How ever you do not deny life after death.  
Human history proves that man has always feared death, than why it was not the subject of QURAN, and how God almighty ignored this human need and yet thought that his creatures will come to light. At least God should have given hope for life after death in one sentence if at all it is there. Please throw some light. We also consider it the last book of GOD.
Comments by: pervez On: 8/10/2010

9.Dear Pervez Bhai,  
Since your concern about “life after death” is so serious, and since Dr. Sahib is probably in a temporary hibernation (as I came to know from one of his last mails), allow me to write a few lines on the subject.  
You wrote:  
“At least God should have given hope for life after death in one sentence if at all it is there.”  
Let me quote “many sentences” from Quran that give “hope” for life after death.  
2/154: Wa la taqulu li mun Yuqtalu fi Sabeelillaahi Amwaat; bal Ahyaaun, wa laakin la tash’aroon.  
(And don’t say for those who have been killed in the way of Allah that they are Dead; instead they are alive while you do not comprehend – the nature of their lives).  
See the HOPE of SECOND LIFE.  
23/15-16: Thumma innakum ba’ada Zaalika la Mayyatun; Thumma innakum Youm al-Qayamati Tub’athoon.  
(Then after that you will surely be dead; Thereafter you will indeed be raised/reincarnated on the Day of the Qayamat)  
See again the HOPE of another Round of Life.  
2/28: Kayifa takfuroona billaahi wa kuntum Amwaatan, fa Ahyaakum; Thumma Yumeetukum, thumma Yuhyeekum; Thumma ilayihi turja’oon.  
(How can or would you belie with God while, you know that, you were Dead; so it was He WHO gave you Life; Then He would give you death; then would make you alive once again; Then (finally) you will be referred to HIM).  
See again the HOPE.  
Al-Muzammil: Wa ma tuqaddimu li anfusikum min khayirin tajiduhu ‘indallah.  
(And whatever you will afford or advance from the virtues for your people, you will find it waiting for you with Allah).  
See the HOPE in the form of Reward in the hereafter.  
13/35: Mathalul Jannati allati wo’idal Muttaqoon; tajri min tahtiha al-anhaar; Ukulaha daaimun wa Zilluha……  
(The LIKE of Jannat that is promised for Muttaqeen, will be that streams of fresh water will be flowing under it; It’s fruit (bounties) will be everlasting, and its cool shadows……)  
See HOPE again in the life of Jannah described in Metaphor.  
20/124: Wa man a’radha ‘an Zikri, fa inna lahu m’aeeshatan Dhankan; wa Nahsharuhu youm al-Qayamati a’maa.  
(who turned his back upon our Guidance, Surely for him will be a tight fiscal position; Eventually we would render him Blind on Qayamat Day).  
See that the punishment in the world is a tight purse, but being BLIND later on suggests ANOTHER LIFE.  
45/24: Qaloo maa hiya illa hayatina ad-Dunya; namootu wa nahya, wa ma yuhlikuna illa ad-Dahr.  
(They claim that this life is just that of this world; We become alive and we die, and nothing kills us except the time!)  
The expression of EXCLAMATION in this Quote, does suggest that the statement is wrong; and there IS another LIFE.  
And the verses below would suggest an eventual end of the present UNIVERSE (the Apocalypse, the Cataclysm); but as Dr. Sahib said who among us will be there to witness it after a few billion years’ time:  
13/2: Allah allazi rafa’as Samawaati bighayiri ‘amadin traunaha, thumma astawa ‘alal ‘Arsh wa Sakhkhara Ash-shamsa wa al-Qamara; Kullun YAJRI LI AJALIN MUSAMMA.  
(It is ALLAH who has raised countless physical bodies without support, then assumed power over them and then fixed the SUN and the MOON under a controlled routine; All of them are OPERATING FOR A DETERMINED PERIOD)  
And See 31/29; 35/13; 39/5 : for KULLUN YAJRI LI AJALIN MUSAMMA.  
(All the Universe and its physical bodies are IN OPERATION FOR A PRESCRIBED TIME LIMIT).  
I trust it will take you some considerable time to go through, deliberate and then eventually frame some more philosophical questions. But if the above satisfies you in favour of a “life after death”, it will be my success.  
There is a very common question. Why do people, who don’t believe in the life after death, still do good deeds?  
I think that the divine values and ideals that have been prescribed from time to time, since times immemorial, are so deep rooted in the world communities that people consciously or unconsciously hold them in high importance or priority.  
So, leaving alone a very paltry percentage of criminals, the overwhelming majority of human beings naturally perform virtuous deeds. There might as well be a small element of “fear” of violating those established values and ideals, that may be inducing or forcing people to act humanly. Man is a social animal and he has to live among and face his fellow beings and justify openly his behaviour towards others.  
God bless you.
Comments by: aurangzaib On: 8/10/2010

10.Dear Aurang zaib regards,you are right ,Allah given hope for life after death at many places in Quran,you have quoted some of it.I think in surah MUZZAMIL as you refered to (73/20) and sura RAAD13/35 seems for this world(herein) and verses 73/17--18 are for life after death.The terms YOUMA YUBATHON,YOUM ALAKHIRA,YOUM ALQIYAMA are used in quran for both (the end of task herein and for hereafter) the context will determine the choice.
Comments by: moazzam On: 8/11/2010

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