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Firstly, are Muslims allowed to marry Non-Muslims such as Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jews, etc, according to the Quran?  
Secondly, what exactly does the Quran say about 'pre-marital sex'?
Add Your Comments  Question by: INQUIRIES On 09 March 2010
Comments by: Dr. Qamar Zaman On 12 March 2010
This is a very interesting question. It needs two basic terminologies to be defined  
Who is Muslim in Quran & Who is Non-muslim in Quran  
A Muslim as defined in Quran is not a person who belongs to a any sect, to be Muslim is to be a peaceful person who cares for others and provide safety to fellow human beings.  
The word Muslim is derived from the root letters (س ل م) meaning thereby safety and security. The word Muslim is made on the paradigm (مفعل) from additinal paradigm of tenses called (مذید فی)  
The paradigm مفعل gives the meaning of the subject i.e. a person who acts upon others.  
Islam is not a religion. It’s a character and quality of a person. So any person who provides peace and protection to others deserves to be called Muslim.  
So a Non-Muslim in Quran is the one who does not live with peace and does not guarantee fellow human beings safety and security.  
To add to the answer let me tell you Quran does not give any rituals or faiths of a religion, It gives the Morals, Values and basics of a Respectable Society on the bases of human rights. The wrongly translated word (حق) Truth made the whole difference. The meaning of (حق) is Rights. The word for truth in Arabic is (صدق). Very strange to note that word (صدق) is again wrongly translated as charity.  
Quran is a book of Human Relations. It gives guidance to bring the humanity to freedom from the clutches of slavery and exploitation. For that matter Quran gives examples of Moses against Pharos, Jesus against Religious hegemony and other prophets.  
Moses according to Quran never taught any ritual of worship, So Muslim can be a Hindu Christian Jew or a Sikh. Let me quote a verse from Quran Sura 2 Ayyat 62  
إِنَّ الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَالَّذِينَ هَادُوا وَالنَّصَارَى وَالصَّابِئِينَ مَنْ آمَنَ بِاللَّهِ وَالْيَوْمِ الآخِرِ وَعَمِلَ صَالِحًا فَلَهُمْ أَجْرُهُمْ عِنْدَ رَبِّهِمْ وَلا خَوْفٌ عَلَيْهِمْ وَلا هُمْ يَحْزَنُونَ  
Indeed those who are believers in Peace as well as those who are Jews and Christians and Serbians (anybody belonging to any religion), whosoever accepted Peace  
according to parameters of creator and did good deeds, will be rewarded by benevolent. He has nothing to fear and nothing to repent.  
You can see that reward is for anybody belonging to any religion. The only condition for reward is that he should lead a life of peace under the values and morals given by the creator and in the end it should results in peace.  

Comments by: Dr. Qamar Zaman On 12 March 2010
Now to answer about Premarital sex one has to be clear about marriage, Premarital and extramarital sex. Extramarital sex is absolutely not acceptable in any society.  
What is a marriage ?  
It as a contract between a male & female to lead a family life. Whenever a couple lives together, they live under a contract, wether written or unwritten.  
The ceremonial customs of the contract are different in every society. Even in Muslims the marriage is ceremonised in many different ways. These customs are part of the culture and society and these ceremonial customs are not the part of the contract of marriage. The only thing necessary in a marriage is that it should be known to the society that the couple is faithful to each other.  
So actually there is nothing to be called premarital sex. Any couple who starts a life without going into the ceremonies of marriage of the society may be against the society's customs but different societies have different customs.  
In primitive societies the couple has no choice even to select the partner. Now if a couple decides to live together the impact of society binds them under some values. These bindings are the essence of a marital status. It may be a court of law with registration or It may be a permission from the parents or elders or it may be an unwritten moral binding to be followed by both male and female.  
It is the last condition which is objectionable in some societies. What Quran demands is not the ceremony but the declaration.  
It is the society and the people who decide which is the best for their people. If a society decides any situation of living together should be registered in a court of law then it is a binding for everyone to get such relations to be registered, but if a society does not want such relations to be registered apart from moral bindings then they are bound morally but no law can be forced upon them. It is the jurisdiction of the law makers and whatever law is made it is binding on all members of the society whether they like it or not. However they have the right to disagree but not to disobey.  
I hope I have made myself clear. I may be wrong so readers are welcome to point out my mistakes.  
Usually unregistered marital relations are also bounded by some restriction which are observed, the most important is NO extramarital involvements.  

Comments by: Hafiz Abdullah On 15 April 2010Report Abuse
Respectable Dear Dr sahib slam,  
I would like to have the Quranic references regarding your precious discussion about marriage .  
Could u please give the Quranic references? it will be your great kindness .  
Thanks ,  
God bless u with every good thing n prevent u from all evils .

Comments by: moazzam On 16 April 2010
Dear hafiz sahib regards,In holy Quraan Allah has not given the details of "nikah",but left the performance procedure open to the society (with in the limitation described).One example of this marriage contract is "Mosa's"case in verse 28/27.If you or the "mazhabi paishwa of any sact" has the Quranic referance regarding nikah's procedure please quate it .The best way to follow the quraan is ,obay his orders and restrain at restrictions 59/7,and keep the matters open where he left it open for believers.Also i requets Dr. Qamar sahib for correction if im wrong.Thanks

Comments by: Hafiz Abdullah On 25 April 2010Report Abuse
Dear Dr sahib slam,  
Sir, u said about the marriage " What Quran demands is not the ceremony but the declaration. "  
Would u please guide me about the reference where does the Quran demand declaration regarding marriage ?  
May God bless u .  

Comments by: Anwer Suri On 11 May 2010Report Abuse
Dear Dr Qamar,  
You said  
"It is the society and the people who decide which is the best for their people. If a society decides any situation of living together should be registered in a court of law then it is a binding for everyone to get such relations to be registered, but if a society does not want such relations to be registered apart from moral bindings then they are bound morally but no law can be forced upon them. ".  
I have question in this regard please reply.  
In USA many couple lives without marrying each other. The reason varies but on high level the most common is that they are not sure that this person is the right one with whom they want to live for rest of the life.  
They call each other boyfriend/girlfriend and keep changing until either they settled with one another or give up finding another. Some time separation is just because of a dog or the girl/boy found someone better usually in wealth or sometime just bored.  
Those who find that they can live with each other they do merry and follow the ceremonies.  
I strongly feel I would not like my children to do that because the result is that there are no family values and selfishness becomes first nature. The relationships become mechanical with no emotions. There are single mothers and fathers. Kids in school have behavioral issues just because of this selfishness.  
I thought Quran provides a proper system that how the marriage should be terminated then how it will work? So shouldn’t be there some procedure to declare a girl and boy as husband and wife? This is the starting point of a new family.  
You have interpreted that Salat-ul-Wusta is Family laws and I agree with you. What are the laws to start a new family?  
May Allah bless you and all of us.  

Comments by: moazzam On 11 May 2010
Dear Anwar suri regards,plz keep in mind this quraan is for the guidance of "muttaqeens"(not for cheeters as u given the example)and u know very well the qualities of muttaqeen mentioned in quran.The momin/muslim will try to find out his life partner of same charecter (mohsinat ghair e musafihat).As for as social values for childeren and parrents are concerns,the Quraan given very clear instructions for all.Brother Anwar suri, keeping in view my humble comments go through the Dr.sahab's answer to the subjected matter.Thanks.

Comments by: Anwer Suri On 05 June 2010Report Abuse
Mohtaram Moazzam sahib,  
I think my question to Dr Qamar was that when the society and the people have to decide which is the best for their people then if American socitey or any society decides that a marriage contract is not required to live as man and wife, or if they decide that even as man and man or woman and woman can have a marriage contract, then what are the guide lines provided for that socitey from the Quran?  
By the way I was not talking about cheaters, you assumed that. These behaviours are treated as normal.  

Comments by: moazzam On 08 June 2010 Edit Delete
Mr Anwer suri regards, i would like to share with u at this topic . The contracts must be witnessed(written and witnessed if possible).Yes this is up to the society and people how they decide best for their marriage contracts.One thing must be remember the quranic limits should not be crossed.

Please,explain who are the women in The Quran,a muslim can marry?? Can a muslim marry his first cousins,ie..uncles and aunts daughters?? Question by: MohYam On 08/02/2010
Sir I could not read and download books .Please tell me How I can open these books? Question by: Rehan_Khan From INDIA (BHOPAL) On 10/02/2010
dear Dr:Qamarzaman ,regaurds, kindly explain the marriage with 1st cousins,as the ayat no 22-24 of Alnisa gives the halal-o-haram limits. But the ayat no 50 of Alahzab gives this permission to only Nabi with the condition 0f migration with Nabi. Question by: moazzam From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) On 04/03/2010
Dr. sahib regards,Almost all muslims r following the yahood's trend in"halal o haram"even in performing rituals, by using plane language of Quran.How can ur tiny force including my self ,can accellerate ur mission against this darkness (de-track) Question by: moazzam From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) On 19/04/2010
dear aurabgzaib or qamar zaman is SHARAB(wine) or KHAMR any drug haram?plz expalin in the light of quran Question by: bilal_khan5181 From PAKISTAN On 16/06/2010
Dr Qamar,regards.Ap ne Kitab Halao Haram mein jo Soreh Maida ki ibtadae ayat ke rabt k bare mein likha hai wo laike tehseen hai,par in tamam ayat ka plz asan tarjuma aik sath urdu mein kar dein.Aur kitab mein is cheiz ka izafa farmaein.thnx Question by: Nadeem_Akhtar From PAKISTAN On 18/06/2010
Dear Dr Zaman, From your article on Halal O Haram, I could not clearly grasp your interpretation about the swineflesh? please state unequivocally is it Halal or Haram? Salam Khurram Question by: Kjahan From AUSTRALIA (SYDNEY) On 10/07/2010
Dr AOA, Dr Shabir of Florida, strongly disagree's with your interpretation of Quran? as per the link below What's your respnse? if two scholars can't agree how we expect muslims to unite? Question by: Kjahan From AUSTRALIA (SYDNEY) On 10/07/2010
is muta haram? Question by: bilal_khan5181 From PAKISTAN On 03/08/2010
dear aurangzaib can it be proven from the quran that eating dog is haram? Question by: bilal_khan5181 From PAKISTAN On 08/08/2010
Dear Dr Zaman, it been more than a month since i posted my Q on your website, i like to know if swineflesh is Halal (permissible) according to Quran? it will be a lot of help to those who reside in non-muslim countries? Salam Khurram Question by: Kjahan From AUSTRALIA (SYDNEY) On 16/08/2010
Dear aurangzaib is smoking or snuff (powdered tobacco) or some other kind of intoxicant haram according to quran? Question by: bilal_khan5181 From PAKISTAN On 21/08/2010
hai kial kheenzir ek khas suwar kahete hai to ? allail alfajr alsalaath allah alrahman alshjr salatulfajr salatulisha kiya ya salath ko koi khas fajr ko khas ishan ko qaiyam karna hoga aam fajr aam ishan mein qaiyam nahi karsakte ? Question by: MOHAD OSMAN On 23/08/2010
In which sense the words Haram is used in Quran? Does it mean "forbidden" in the sense of "sinfull" like "paap" in hindi or is it relating more to law and means illegal? Kindly please help explain in the light of Quranic context? Regards Khurram Question by: Kjahan From AUSTRALIA (SYDNEY) On 08/10/2010
Dear Dr. Qamarzaman, have you gone through "Tafseer Bayan-ul-Linnas" Question by: yaseen On 02/11/2010
Peace , I am against to whole thought of polygamy, yet a question came to mind. What would a man who followed N2I and participates in a "POLYGAMOUS MARRIAGE" do if he were to come in contact with the true understanding of chapter 4:3 ? Question by: Butterfly_n_June From UNITED STATES On 25/12/2010
Dear Dr QZ and All, if swine and blood are idioms then what does it mean by it is lawful after 3 days? Objection raised by a person who is follower of Allama Pervez. Question by: Mubashir Syed From INDIA (HYDERABAD) On 12/02/2011
SALAM.why PEACE BE UPON HIM,when Muslims name Mohammed, is he not already in peace? Is it not giving a message that the prophet is not in a PEACEFUL situation but rather in an UNPEACEFUL situation and we are wishing PEACE UPON HIM. Question by: hameedkhattak From PAKISTAN (PESHAWER) On 15/02/2011
SALAM, Kindly elaborate, Why the reverse sequence of the verses 17/88- 11/13- 2/240. If its a challenge from Allah Almighty to the human beings about Qur'an OR there is some other lagic behind this, Question by: hameedkhattak From PAKISTAN (PESHAWER) On 21/02/2011
Dear Dr.Qamar, and members. Please explain 5/1-3. Although Doctor sahab has explained some terminologies, but I would like to know the complete understanding of these ayats. Thanks Question by: waseemameer From AUSTRALIA (SYDNEY) On 24/08/2011
Salaam, Kindly translate/elaborate: وَمَا أُهِلَّ لِغَيْرِ اللّهِ بِهِ in 5:3. (I cant read Urdo please). Thanks. Question by: sailor From INDIA (MUMBAI) On 05/03/2012
dear readers, posted this on different groups of fb, and thought ill post it here, regarding the word flesh of swine. Dr Uncle and Moazzam can correct it, i thought will only take one terminology at the time for fb groups. Question by: Nargis2 From TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO (TOMBACCO) On 06/03/2012
could you please explain what the term NASAARA and YEHUDA means? Thank you Question by: SyedHamid From CANADA (TORONTO) On 07/03/2012
I need tha detailed fatwa Jamia Azhar of Egypt about halal o haram in which they allow to eat all animal except pig in 2004. I could not found that on internet. Question by: ameen From PAKISTAN (MUZAFFARGARH) On 19/04/2012
Aapke discussion ' Taqliq-e-Adam' me , Aapne kaha ke quaran ek salim-ul-fitr insaan ke quaahish ka zikar hi. To kya sur-e-fathiha wahi insaan(Muhammad) ka zabani bool hi ya Allah ke tarafse 'VAHI' Question by: Masood v From INDIA (ANANTAPUR) On 14/06/2012
What do u mean by 'ateeullaha Va ateeurasoola' ? Question by: Masood v From INDIA (ANANTAPUR) On 05/07/2012
Salam to All. What is SHIRK. Can any one define it? Since I am very much confused about its prevailing definition. Please see 2/220 where SHIRK is appeared opposite to IMAN. Can we say that SHIRK is opposite to peace? Moazam Sahab please. Question by: aamiralwaz From PAKISTAN (KARACHI) On 16/07/2012
Dear Dr. Zaman. I'm unclear about the concept of SHIRK. Friends of mine that read say that SHIRK is basically everything you do that goes against ALLAH's rules and laws. Does that mean even the tiny mistakes are SHIRK? plz explain Question by: Bling Ding From ARGENTINA (BUENO AIRES) On 30/07/2012
Dr. Qamar Zaman i have a question about drinking, please do try your best to answer it :) Question by: Bling Ding From ARGENTINA (BUENO AIRES) On 30/08/2012
Salaamun Alaikum. Mohtaram Dr Qamar Zaman Sahib, Qur'aan ka m'aanavi tarjuma jo aapne shroo' kiya hai woh qaabile sataayish hai. hamaari nek tamannayeN aapke saath haiN. mulhklis Hamid Baaqri Question by: Hamid Baaqri From INDIA (BANGALORE) On 04/09/2012
SALAMUN ALAIKUM! Can any one explain, الست بربکم.... in sura Al-Ahraf ayat 172. When is promise was taken and by whom? A delebrated reply is required because I could not understand that I made a promise when I was not existed. Question by: shaby From PAKISTAN (KARACHI) On 23/12/2013
If the Quran does not describe the halal or haram eatable things, meaning that any /horse can be eaten? Question by: Dr Shahid Chaudhary From SAUDI ARABIA (UNAIZA) On 03/07/2014
ASA, I read your article,I want to know that Are we allowed to eat animals either zabeeha or non zabeeha? but the problem is Takbeer Allah who akbar not Allah who Alkabeer Question by: Umme From CANADA (TORONTO) On 19/11/2014
is it possible to know about quran throgh this blog? Question by: ckkmohd From INDIA (COIMBATORE) On 13/01/2016
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