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Dear All, please share your opinion on Code 19 of Quran by Rashad Khalifah.
Add Your Comments  Question by: MUBASHIR SYED On 10 October 2010
Comments by: pervez On 11 October 2010Report Abuse
Dear Mubashir Syed,  
The question needs more elaboration.

Comments by: Mubashir Syed On 12 October 2010Report Abuse
Dear Pervez, Rashad khalifa did some mathematical calculations for all verses of quran and said all verses of quran comes out to be a code 19 ( execpt two verses). Numbering is done for each alphabet to deduce the total for a word of sentence. Like 786.  
Mubashir Syed.

Comments by: moazzam On 13 October 2010
Dear Mubashir Syed : Any system whether constitution of societies,e-commerce,data/ digital communication could be brought in coded / decoded format,the people of that field could interchange the information easily.The actual question is,what is the benefit to introduce this type of coding system in quran .The quran is a simple,self explained ,easy to understand to masses (KITABUN ARABIYUN MUBEEN),already DECODED book is bestowed to the mankind.I think further coding in any format will lead to garble the divine message.At least our efforts should be to make the people understand the code of social conduct in hand (QUAN) instead to apply further man made code like 786.  

Comments by: Mubashir Syed On 13 October 2010Report Abuse
Dear Moazzam, you are right there is no benifit to introduce any coding system or calculations. Quran should be understood only on cause and effect with results which can be acheived.  
Question was initiated to introduce this topic which is related to the Book which we are talking bout. And to have opinion of all those who know bout this. It might not help an iota towards understanding Quran but it will improve knowledge of affairs revolving around it and can be used in conversations when someone comes up with this question while understanding real concept.( correct me if am wrong here )  
Note : There is no scope of any supportive/unsupportive concept by any code or any calculation to be a means to understand Quran.  
Mubashir Syed.

Comments by: aurangzaib On 14 October 2010Report Abuse
My dear Bubashir,  
You indeed have raised an interesting topic. CODE 19 OF QURAN BY RASHAD KHALAIFA.  
I am amazed to find Dr. Rashad Khalifa in the footsteps of eminent Muslim Scholar and a great, undefeatable debater of mid 1900s, Respectable AHMED DEEDAAT of South Africa. (May his soul rest in eternal peace for his life long devotion to and tireless propagation of Quran.)  
On Code 19 of Quran, he wrote a book titled “Al-Quran The Ultimate Miracle” - in which year, I won’t know -and this theory was well publicized throughout the world; and Muslims wondered in awe and ecstasy over the authenticity of the Miracle as proved by simple arithmatics.  
The Code is based on Verse 74/30 : علیہا تسعۃ عشر . His translation: OVER IT ARE NINTEEN. What is this “Nineteen”? He writes :  
“Our great commentators of the past had conjectured beautiful guesses as to what this “19” implied. Some said it referred to the 19 angels who will be in control of the inmates of Hell; others said that the “19” refers to the 19 faculties of man and still others to the major pillars and commandments of Islam. (See Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s and Moulana Daryabadi’s commentaries). But every commentator ends his conjecture with the expression, “BUT ALLAH KNOWS BEST.” But why ‘Allah knows best.? Because our Holy Prophet did not explain the real implication of the figure 19. If he had explained it there was no reason for us to surmise. “Nineteen” is simply a number.”  
I don’t know, and haven’t read in what perspective Dr. Khalifa has reflected upon this Verse to prove Quran a book of Codes, Cryptology, Numerology and Myth, etc. I won’t know either if he has plagiarized the original theory of Mr. Deedaat. But now you can enjoy a sample of the flight of thoughts of Mr. Ahmed Deedaat which of course corresponds to the reflective pattern of enlightened Quranic scholars of his time.  
“OVER IT ARE NINETEEN” was the last verse given to Muhammad by the Archangel Gabriel on his fourth visit. Gabriel on pausing here, instead of giving Muhammad the balance of the 26 verses of this Chapter which would have completed it – began to make him read the balance of Chapter 96 – the first Revelation. He was then given 14 more verses. On the first visit he was given just 5 verses to which 14 more were now added. How many verses does that make? “Nineteen” is the answer. How did it happen that immediately after uttering the word “Nineteen” of the above revelation, a Chapter with 19 verses is completed? The skeptic will most probably reply that this was a sheer coincidence. Coincidences do occur. This we will have to agree.  
But did you know that the first five verses of the very first Revelation (96:1-5) have just 19 words? That is 19 x 1. How did this happen? “Coincidence” again? Those 19 words consist of exactly 76 letters, which is a multiple of 19, i.e., 19 x 4. How did this happen? “Coincidence.” This 96th Chapter! If we start counting backwards from the last Chapter 114, to 113 and 112 and 111 and so on, we find when we reach this Chapter 96, that it is the 19th Chapter from the end. How did it happen that the Chapter with 19 verses is interlocked in the 19th position from the end? “Coincidence” is the only available reply…………  
بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم . Count the letters, they are exactly Nineteen. ….The first word اسم meaning NAME occurs 19 times in the Quran. How did this happen? The unbeliever bleats – “Coincidence”. In our new list of coincidences this is now the second. The first time in your list of “coincidences” it was POSSIBLE, but surely a second time it is IMPROBABLE! However, let us ask the computer how many times the word اللہ meaning “GOD” occurs in the Quran? “2698” comes the answer in an instant. Get out your calculators and divide by 19. 19 x 142 = 2698 on the dot is the answer. How did this happen? “Coincidence” again? “Yes.” You do not see that it is beginning to get IMPOSSIBLE?! Let us see the next word الرحمن meaning “The Most Gracious”. How many? The answer is 57. (19 x 3 = 57). How did this happen? Yes, again. It must be a MIRACLE! The next word الرحیم mean “The Most Merciful”. How many times? The answer is 114, (19 x 6 = 114). How did this happen? “C-o-i-n-c-i-d-e-n-c-e” is the monotonous, but now barely audible reply. The odds of this happening is already more than MIRACLE. It is more than what any man can do, even Muhammad.  
The last word الرحیم . “The Most Merciful” occurs 114 times, the exact number of the Chapters of the Quran, as if fairly divided one الرحیم “The Most Merciful” for each Sura. We do not have to be geniuses to realize by now that Muhammad could never have worked out all this without any learning, without paper and pencil, without computers and calculators.”  
Dear friends, Respected Ahmad Deedaat goes on and on. It is a lengthy thesis. But I will keep it short by stopping here abruptly. However, the above glimpse in his world of vision is enough to afford you an idea into the puzzle of Code 19 which a very rare one among our elders tried to solve with precise mathematical deliberations that cannot be easily over-ruled.  
God bless you.  

Comments by: Mubashir Syed On 15 October 2010Report Abuse
Dear Aurangzaib, thanx for great info which i wanted to take out from knowledgeable people like you to enhance my understanding.  
Yea its a lengthy thesis with no expectation to enhance or help in understanding concept of Quran. But i was interested in controversies associated with Code 19.  
1.Rashad Khalifa after his calculations stated two verses are not inline with code and they could have been fabricated/included by Humans.  
2.Another logic critic bout code 19 is of Quran being an oral revelation and alphabets and words used were Human so where is the question of divine code?  
3.Rashad khalifa's background and personality as exposed by his friend.  
Would love to hear opinion on above critics/concern.  
Mubashir Syed.  

Comments by: aurangzaib On 15 October 2010Report Abuse
Dear Mubashir,  
I have searched a little bit and come to know that Dr. Rashad Khalifah and Mr. Ahmed Deedaat were contemporaries and knew each other closely. They together shared the Code 19 of Quran and wrote separate books on it in their own styles. See what I have found out about Dr. Rashad :-  
Dr. Rashad Khalifa was born in Egypt on November 19, 1935. His father was a Sufi who is reported to have led a group with thousands of followers.[1]  
Khalifa obtained an honours degree from Ain Shams University, Egypt, before he emigrated to the United States in 1959, later earning a PhD. in biochemistry from Arizona State University and a PhD. from University of California.[1] He became a naturalized U.S. citizen and lived in Tucson, Arizona.[citation needed]  
Khalifa worked as a science adviser for the Libyan government for about one year, after which he worked as a chemist for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, then became a senior chemist in Arizona's State Office of Chemistry in 1980.[citation needed] Khalifa's son Sam Khalifa played Major League Baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates and was the first major league player of Egyptian descent.[2]  
He was central to the founding of the religious group, United Submitters International, (USI), an Islamic group that usually prefers not to use the terms "Muslim" or "Islam," instead using the English equivalents of the Arabic: "Submitter" and "Submission." [3]  
Main article: United Submitters International  
Khalifa claimed that he was a messenger(rasool) of God and that the Archangel Gabriel 'most assertively' told him that chapter 36, verse 3, of the Quran, 'specifically' referred to him.[4][5] His followers refer to him as God's Messenger of the Covenant.[6] He promoted a strict Monotheism and was a prominent Muslim Quranist, rejecting the Hadith and Sunnah as fabrications attributed to prophet Muhammad by later scholars. He is most notable for his claim that the Quran contains a mathematical structure based on the number 19 [7] and making the highly controversial claim that only the last two the verses of chapter nine in the Quran were not canonical, telling his followers to reject them.[8]  
Starting in 1968, Khalifa used computers to analyze the frequency of letters and words in the Qur'an.[1] In 1974, he claimed that he had discovered a mathematical code in the text of the Qur'an involving the number 19. The details of this analysis are available in his book, Quran, the Final Testament.[9]  
Khalifa's research did not receive much attention in the West. In 1980, Martin Gardner mentioned it in Scientific American.[10] Gardner later wrote a more extensive and critical review of Khalifa and his work.[11]  
Khalifa's first publicized report in the Arab world appeared in the Egyptian magazine Akher Sa'a, in January, 1973.[12] Updates of his research were subsequently published by the same magazine later that year and again in 1975.[13][14]  
On May 20, 2007, in Daily News Egypt, an article entitled "Scholars discover the secret code of the Quran" was published.[15]  
On January 31, 1990, Khalifa was murdered at Masjid Tucson. He was stabbed multiple times and his body drenched in xylol but not set alight. Although nobody has been convicted of his murder, James Williams, an alleged member of the Jamaat ul-Fuqra organization, was convicted of conspiracy in the slaying.[16] Williams disappeared on the day of his sentencing and could not be found.[17] In 2000 Williams was apprehended attempting to re-enter the United States and sentenced to serve 69 years in prison. His convictions were upheld on appeal by the Colorado Court of Appeals except for one count of forgery.[18][19]  
CBS News reported that Muslim extremist Wadih el-Hage was "connected to the 1990 stabbing death of... Rashad Khalifa [who] was hated by Muslim extremists [that were] opposed to his teachings. El-Hage who was indicted for lying about the case, called the assassination 'a good thing.'[20]  
On Tuesday, April 28, 2009 the Calgary Police Services of Canada arrested Glen Cusford Francis, a 52-year-old citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, on suspicion of killing Rashad Khalifa.[21] Investigators in Tucson learned that Francis who was going by the name Benjamin Phillips had began his studies under Khalifa in January 1990. Phillips disappeared shortly after the slaying,[21] and was said to have left the country. An investigation revealed Phillips and Francis were the same man upon discovering finger prints found in Phillips apartment. A specialty unit of the Tucson Police Department furthered in its investigation in 2006 and in December 2008 and was able to use DNA testing on forensic evidence from the crime scene to tie Francis to the assassination.[22] In October 2009, a Canadian judge ordered his extradition to the United States to face trial.[23]  

Comments by: Mubashir Syed On 15 October 2010Report Abuse
Dear Aurangzaib, can we dig deeper in those verses to see what made him think so and what they acutally mean.  
Mubashir Syed

Comments by: moazzam On 20 October 2010
Dear Mubashir Syed: plz read the sura ALMUDASSIR from start to the verse 39 (74/39) there are some instructions for the vigilant to establish the nizam e salat.In verse 74/26--30 there is warning to the kuffar to face the consequences of their opposing attitude,that could result in tough life of the society ,if not followed the divine guidance, the word TISAATA ASHAR means tough living with hard struggle. Same as the meanings of ASNATA ASHR in verse 74/30 is prosperous living with peace,so there is no any count / code 19 or code 12. Because the counting of MALAIKA has been rejected in the coming verse 74/41.Moreover Allah discouraged the business of counting the MALAIKA. At the end of the same verse Almighty Allah steered the mankind toward the actual aim of this BOOK (MAHIYA ILLA ZIKRA LIL BASHAR).Dear Mubashir if any body establishes any sort of alphabetic or numeric summitry with in the book whether in quran , bible or bukhari shareef, it doesn't matter.  

Comments by: dr shahid On 21 October 2010
AOA dear members  
just collect all the aya entitled as tisaata ashar and study these verses with reference to the context u will find an amazing fact that in all these verses there is a rebellion attitude of the society against the authority or divine laws. the word TISAATA ASHAR MEANS A SOCIETY IN which there is a rebellion attitude.i agree with dear moazzam that there is no any code of 19 or any other sort of counting.Once there was started a discussion on this topic with Dr. Qamar Zaman and he actually pointed out this fact that this tissata ashar seems to him a rebellion attitude of the society against the authority.  
with regards  
dr. shahid

Comments by: moazzam On 26 October 2015 Edit Delete
Rashad Khalifa made the present quran doubtful to justify his computerized arithmetical game i.e the verse 74/30 (عَلَيْهَا تِسْعَةَ عَشَرَ ) is the miracle of Quran.So he claims that the last two verses of Surah Tuba are not the part of quran.  
In fact 74/30 must be understood within its context. In my opinion "Ashar mean living refer to verse 4/19  
وَعَاشِرُوهُنَّ بِالْمَعْرُوفِ = live with them on a footing of kindness and equity  
Tisa'ta Ashar is a quranic term, its sense could be inferred by reading through verse 26 to verse 31 keeping in mind the scenario described in verses 10-25.  
تِسْعَةَ عَشَرَ = the hard living  
اثْنَتَا عَشْرَةَ = the blissful living

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