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Dear All, what ways can we reach young minds to deliver the fact of fixed laws of Creator? Please share your ideas/opinions for all possible ways.
Add Your Comments  Question by: MUBASHIR SYED On 19 January 2011
Comments by: Mubashir Syed On 19 January 2011Report Abuse
Dear All, i think it would be great if we can somehow reach young minds to deliver understanding of fixed laws of nature at a naive level. Would love to hear from all participants for all possible routes which might help me enhance my thought process before suggesting something.  
Note : Idea here is not to deliver the entire concept of Islam. Just an heads up for young minds to convey fixed laws of nature. ( No miracles, God not by-passing laws to help someone).  
Mubashir Syed.

Comments by: moazzam On 19 January 2011
Dear Mubashir syed ! I appreciate your vision, this actually is one of the goal of the  
The fundamental goal is to explore and discover the original logic, reason, rationality and wisdom of Quranic constitution that can be intellectually and empirically established in this scientifically advanced world. And to set it free from myth, miracles, fantasies, superstitions, dogmas and rituals.  
!:- Select the rationalist young mind to convey your message, filter out the dumb (quran'n)  
2:- Put divine script aside; consider the laws of nature (science) as a divine message (as per qura'n))  
3:-Put the burden of proof of miracles at calamities (as per qura'n)  
4:- In fact Laws of nature possess the strong evidence to prove their eternity.(qura'n)  

Comments by: Naushad On 19 January 2011Report Abuse
This may help:  
The term ‘manyyasha’ which is generally interpreted as ‘as He Wills’ is an indicative term. The implication of this understanding in practical life needs to be understood. When Allah created the universe in six periods (stages), He established laws for all things, starting from the atom (or anything smaller) to the celstial bodies. Everything follows this set of rules which are constant. The rules/laws never change. In a way, this is a great gift to mankind. Once we understand these laws, we can use this understanding for our benefit. We have understood and are taking advantage of such rules everyday without even realizing it. For example, a farmer understands that there is a sowing season during which he has to sow the seeds to get ample/ optimum yield. This is a rule/ law of Allah which is commonly refered as law of nature. If he sows at the wrong time, he will not get the result and his efforts will go waste. Hence, when Allah says that He does not wish hardship for us (2:185, 20:2, 22:78), we need to understand he has kept ease for everything. We need to discover that ease by discovering the operative laws. The process of discovery leads us to the the path of progress(1). This imbibes in us the quest to discover more laws of Allah and use them to our benefit. Seeking minds like Newton, Archimedes, Einstein, Heisenberg, etc. discovered some of these laws.  
Very often, a devout person finds that he keeps on supplicating for something, waiting that Allah will answer and he will be miraculously given whatever he asked for. But he does not get it. While another person who may be an atheist achieves the same objective. The question arises in the devout mind is why belief is not yielding results. However, in this situation, another rule is discovered. Being religious (in the traditional sense) or an atheist has no direct connection with results(2). A person whether devout or not, on discovering the law of Allah, "ACTS" to create the circumstances necessary to derive the result. This may be understood by another example. A child is conceived only when the male sperm is able to seed a female ovum. There are certain days during the ovulation cycle when fertilization cannot happen. This is the rule set by Allah, discovered and proven through medical research and now well known to people. Allah’s Will is to make conception happen in a given set of circumstances. Thus, it can be understood that ‘sha’a’ or ‘will’ of Allah is actually the law of Allah. In 41:9-12, Allah describes the creation of heavens and the earth. He is the ‘sustainer’ of the heavens & earth which are made obedient to Him (subjected to His Laws) and the celestial bodies described as ‘lamps made secure’ (they do not clash in their orbits, as they are subject to pre-ordained paths and speed). ALLAH’S WILL ACTUALLY MANIFESTS ITSELF IN HIS UNCHANGING LAWS. The universe is in complete harmony because at every moment, Allah’s Laws are being abided.  
Through this ‘sha’a’ of Allah, the message to us is absolutely clear that harmony and perfection can be achieved only by following the laws of Allah. Unlike everything else in the universe, man has been been given the free will. The moon has no option other than rotating & revolving around the earth. However, man has all the options he wants with the freedom to do anything he wants. Yet, there is Allah’s law which guarantees him results, whether good or bad, depending on the action. Since the celestial bodies or minute atoms or birds or animals do not have free will, they do not need any set of guidelines. Man needs guidelines to understand his role in the universe and the impact of his actions. Through the example of the harmonious universe, the understanding has been conveyed to man that following Allah’s laws is the only way to accomplish the purpose of his existence and ensure the peace & harmony that needs to be established using his free will. The guidance is in the Holy Quran, through which the above described insights are derived. Thus, we understand that according to the ‘sha’a/will/law’ of Allah, our success lies in understanding & implementing the Quran. The question is, are we (except a fractional minority) truly doing it?  
20:2 We have not bestowed upon you this Qur’an to cause you any hardship.  
22:78 Strive hard in God’s cause, with all the striving that is due to Him. It is He Who has elected you to carry the message and has placed no hardship in religion, the Creed of your father Abraham. It is He Who has named you “Submitters” in the bygone days and now in this revelation - That the messenger may be a witness for you and you be witnesses for all mankind! (You shall be the watchers over people that no community oppresses the other.) So, establish the Divine System and set up the Just Economic Order, and hold fast unto God. He is your Lord Supreme, and how excellent is this Giver of support!  
1 Attribute of Rahim: “Rahim” refers to the Provider for those who strive and struggle for this providence of nourishment, protection and development.  
Arabic-English Lexicon by Edward William Lane, based on Taj-Ul-Roos, 2003 2nd reprint. It gives the explanation of Imam Thalabee on Rahim:“It is God's desire to do good to the deserving thereof;”  
2 Action which is supported by strong belief yields better results than action without belief. The operative word is action. This is another law of Allah which becomes becomes evident by reflecting on 8:65-66  
May Allah strengthen our beliefs and our actions and make us the implementers of the Holy Quran.  

Comments by: Mubashir Syed On 20 January 2011Report Abuse
Dear Moazzam and Naushad, thanx for your input I agree to what you have posted will be handy suggestion for a mature mind who is ready to listen and analyze to select the better understanding.  
Basically the intension and dimension of thought process here is just to give heads up to children and whiz kids. When I say heads up its not complete ideology by not using Religion as base of discussion.  
Aim/ Objective : To deliver and make children aware of  
***Note: These topics need to covered without getting religion and religious references. Explanation should be by showing results and not verses. ( Lets discuss at length if required and if any one is interested). Any doubts on possibility ??  
Target Audience: Children from a suitable age ( If am given an option say from 12 years)  
Medium to Reach: By providing services which are needed at this age. (Tuitions mostly academic or a language( Urdu, Arabic, French, Spanish ….etc), Any skill like martial arts, kick boxing, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, learning musical instruments, Coaching for any game…….. etc)  
Executors and Resources: WE ALL. I am sure we all who got the erg of establishment of Salath (“clear and conspicuous System “) are CAPABLE of PROVIDING any of the above listed or any other SERVICE even in the busiest of the schedules. Am I wrong in my assumption ??  
1. Service should not be free of cost, it should be a professional service BY ALL MEANS.  
2. Do not stress specifically on AGENDA, be professional in training.  
3. Agenda should hit subconscious mind which will help them understand real Ideology at later stages of life.  
Just 2 cents of what my mind suggested not sure if it makes sense to anyone…….if it does to anyone……ARE YOU IN ??  
Note : Sugessions to enhance above thought to amend or add anything ........Please ?  
"Create rationalist young minds of FUTURE..........."  
Mubashir Syed.  

Comments by: momin On 20 January 2011Report Abuse
Dear brothers,  
I may be wrong but my experience and study gives me a different direction. Mubashir Syed thinks the age  
should be 12 years, but by that time a child is already harmed/damaged by his parents. The most important  
is mother. Every child is a scientist by birth. The only requirement is to keep him as he is. By the time he  
learns language, he asks very intelligent questions. My 7 years old daughter asked me Adam was born first  
or early man? If Adam was born first ,than he must have been having a tail. She was reading a chapter on early  
man. My 12 years old son asked me while studying Islamiat as to how Allah says , he has taken the  
responsibility of protecting his message, if he changes, how Allah will stop him?  
So brothers , it was because, we never sent our children to Mullah. We created love not fear of Allah in their  
hearts. Me and my wife kept them away from religion. So that is what is required to be done. Early age is very  
important.Our children have got higher education, now scientists and teach us about fixed laws in nature  
without having adequate knowledge of Quran. On the other hand when a child's mind is corrupted in her  
early age he remains in the darkness like our scientist Doctor Qadir , who believes The Prophet broke  
moon in to two pieces.  
My suggestions are,  
1. Open academies for mother training.  
2. All girls should only be allowed to marry after getting qualified as mother.  
3. Legislation should be done in the parliament.  
Concentrate on mothers to create good Nation. Otherwise , dog will remain in the well. I hope you know  
the story.A dog fell in a villages Well. Village fellows went to village Mullah and asked him what to do to  
purify (PAKI )the well.Mullah said take out 100 buckets to make it Pak. People did that but a person amongst  
them who was like Nergis said Mullah Sahib the dog is still in the well. Mullah replied nothing more is written  
in the Sharia. Village people had to drink that Pak water. Pity on Mullah.  

Comments by: naeem sheikh On 20 January 2011Report Abuse
Dear Mubashir : Mr Momin started from the Egg (logical). Let us start with chicks, i think the teachers of elementary classes should be trained and bound to discourage the myth / miracles and to encourage the rationalism. Also, while setting down their course curriculum, the said task must be observed. As per brother Momin's concern the DOG (religion) must be arranged to get rid off (from the well, I mean the society)  

Comments by: pervez On 20 January 2011Report Abuse
Dear Mr. Naeem Sheikh,  
You are right we should start with chicks, teachers of elementary classes are important after parents  
as Momin has brought out. Brother Mubashir Syed has explained well,  
"Basically the intension and dimension of thought process here is just to give heads up to children  
and whiz kids. When I say heads up its not complete ideology by not using Religion as base of discussion.  
Aim/ Objective : To deliver and make children aware of  

Comments by: Mubashir Syed On 21 January 2011 Edit DeleteReport Abuse
Dear Pervez, long time no see? Hope things are good on your side.  
Correction in BOLD of my comment :  
"Basically the intension and dimension of thought process here is just to give heads up to children  
and whiz kids. When I say heads up its not complete ideology by USING RELIGION AS BASE OF DISCUSSION. "  
Note : I meant we should not use religion as base of discussion"  
Dear Momin and Naeem Sheikh, I agree to what you said bout Egg and Chicks. But How many Eggs and chicks will be under our supervision? Only our kids. Basic idea behind initiation of this topic was to have all possibilities with which we can reach young minds.  
Utilizing current Schools : Umm, this cant be done as for this we need to have our own school as service. But not sure if tradional people would like to send their children to our school ? ( If they are aware of what our understanding of ISLAM )  
As a start up services as mentioned above could be handy. So i think we need to pick any field in which we can provide service.  
Note : For our children...............its from day one( Egg and Chick).  
I Agree with Momin when he rightly pointed out about Mothers, even my mom says "One Male can make a difference to one family, but a Women can make difference to one generation." Learnt a lot from her but now we have healthy fights(discussions) coz of her tradional understanding.( Smiley)  
Mubashir Syed.  

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