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I don't have a question but wish to post my comment on Ayyat e Mutashabibat?
Add Your Comments  Question by: AURANGZAIB On 11 February 2010
Comments by: aurangzaib On 11 February 2010Report Abuse
AYAT 3/7 – AL-QURAN.  
Lo and behold!!!!..... Another explosion of colossal proportions by brother Dr. Qamar Zaman. Another discovery of great value out of the rubble and confusion of Traditional Tafasir.  
How easy was it to understand, when explained with help from only the preliminaries of Arabic Grammar? No deep insight or high linguistic intricacies were involved! No intellectual advancement of a superlative degree was needed.  
QURAN CONSISTS OF NO DOUBTFUL (MUTASHABIH – having ‘Shubah’, doubt) AYAAT having dual meanings, as has hitherto been implied by all and sundry! Including the ‘Quranic EGGHEADS’ of OURBEACON.COM (QXP), who had expelled heavy bursts of fury against “HAQIQAT-E-SOAM” and against the person of Brother Dr. Qamar Zaman. In their respective Blog, no visible influence of Quranic learning was witnessed. Their comments did portray a high degree of arrogance and haughtiness reflective of self aggrandizement. I hope these respected brothers go through ‘Ayaat-e-Mutashabihaat’ again and again and analyze the explanation carefully.  
This is another turning point in history!!! An important new milestone in the journey of time.  
My most sincere compliments and homage to Dr. Sahib. My best wishes for his health and a long, long rewarding life. God bless you Dr. Sahib.  

Comments by: dawood On 13 February 2010Report Abuse
SA Dr. Qamar: What a revealing analysis!!! May Allah increase you and all of us in knowledge of the Quran.  
I however have one observation on the second part of the verse "Okhero' mutashabihaat," that has been translated as " aur doosree aayaat mutashabihaat hein." Is this translation OK? I ask this because (1) there is no mention of word aayaat in this part, and (2) we don't consider that other books of hadith/fiqh etc. contain any aayaats? Could it be more suitable to translate this part as " aur doosree mutashabihaat hein?" This would then clearly convey that this part is referring to other writings. I am just wondering? Any help/explanation would be greatly appreciated.  

Comments by: aurangzaib On 13 February 2010Report Abuse
I second the observation made by brother Dawood.  
"Okhero" can easily mean "the other or the secondary MATERIAL that is similar in nature or a look-alike, or resembles the Book."  
"Aur deegar sub mawaad us se mushabihat rakhta hay / mushtabah qisam ka hay". Something like this might be possible.  
We wait for Dr. Sahib's help.

Comments by: Anwer Suri On 16 February 2010Report Abuse
Dr. Qamar Sahib AOA,  
I am reading your books and I like the way you explain your point of view without insulting anyone. May Allah help you in your efforts.  
It is amazing that how simple it looks now after your explanation. I think the problem is that we consider 'Ayat' only as verse of Quran. I think same problem is with abrogation issue.  
But I also think this verse need more explanation for example I would like to understand 1- what about the verses which are understood after the scientific discoveries and 2- How to understand verses like 'alif-laam-meem'.

Comments by: Dr. Qamar Zaman On 24 February 2010
Mohtaram Dawood Bhai  
Yes you and Aurangzeb bhai are absolutely correct to point out that "okharo MOTAShBEHAT" should better be translated "aur doosri mutashbehat hain" as there is no mention of "aayyat" in this part of the verse.  
Let me explain ....... Consider a sentence. The teacher said ...  
"I have a class of boys who are brilliant and they are cream of the college, while others are average"  
In this sentence word boys is omitted after average, but the word boys is automatically understood to be there and reffers to some other class of the college.  
Likewise the compound "Quran-al-fajr" sometimes only word "Fajr" is mentioned to mean "Quran-al-fajr" and word Quran is omitted.  
A good literature does not repeat nouns but replaces it with pronouns or adjectives etc, but while translating it into a different language and for different people of different intellect one has to be very clear in giving the essence of the literary work, and hence the need of the translation requires such usage of words.  
Mr Dawood and Mr Aurangzeb would you like to add?  

Comments by: Dr. Qamar Zaman On 24 February 2010
Mohtaram Anwar Suri saheb AOA  
Yes you are right, we have taken the meaning of aayat as verse of Quran mostly. It is very amazing to note that where it does mean ayyat of Quran the interpretors have taken it as miracle e.g. Sura 20 verse 23 & 47.

Comments by: aurangzaib On 24 February 2010Report Abuse
Dear Dr. Sahib,  
What you have very kindly and wisely explained is well understood. The noun once narrated in a sentence, in the secondary part of that sentence it need not be essentially mentioned, and is automatically derived from the context through a pronoun or adjective. And surely the word “Ayaat” can succeed, without mention, the word “Okhero”.  
However, the word Ayaat necessarily diverts attention towards Quran and links the “Okhero” with “other Ayaats” of Quran. So, the confusion that has been created since long, goes on to persist and pervade.  
Is there a way to be very specific in separating the “Okhero” material (or Ayaat) away from Quran, or Quranic Ayaat?  
Can the God given common sense, and the fear of confusion and mix-up, lead us to a more clear-cut and precise translation/interpretation where there is no possibility of misconception? Of course keeping in mind that the word Ayaat does create misconception here?  
God bless you.  

Comments by: Hafiz Abdullah On 04 March 2010Report Abuse
Dear all peace be upon u all,  
I liked the new theory of Ayyat e Mutashabibat very much .  
I would like to ask a question to be answered by anyone who knows better .  
the question is :-  
the word minho doesnt mean "in it"but it means " from it/some of it ". isnt it?  
God bless you.

Comments by: aurangzaib On 04 March 2010Report Abuse
Dear Abdullah,  
In my opinion you are right. "In it" would be "fee hi".  

Comments by: Dr. Qamar Zaman On 04 March 2010
dear Abdullah Bhai  
will you please make your question more clear.In general the compound Minho/Minhu( as it is a combination of two words Min & ho) is to be translated as "from it"

Comments by: Hafiz Abdullah On 05 March 2010Report Abuse
Dear Dr Shahib slam/peace,  
I think Mr. Aurangzaib has understood my point rightly.  
In my opinion the word for "In it" would be "fee hi" but for " from it/some of it " would be the word "min ho" .  
indeed, the word used in the verse is "min ho" which means " from it/some of it ".  
what do u comment about my opinion which has has been understood by Mr. Aurangzaib ?  
God bless you.

Comments by: Hafiz Abdullah On 05 March 2010Report Abuse
Dear Dr. Shahib slam/peace,  
I think Mr. Aurangzaib has understood my point rightly.  
In my opinion the word for "In it" would be "fee hi" but for " from it/some of it " would be the word "min ho" .  
indeed, the word used in the verse is "min ho" which means " from it/some of it ".  
I think the word "min ho" cant be meant as "In it" n ur translation is wrong .  
what do u think about that?  
what do u comment about my opinion which has has been understood by Mr. Aurangzaib ?  
God bless you.

Comments by: dawood On 06 March 2010Report Abuse
Dear Dr. Qamar Sahib, SA:  
I thank you for taking time and providing the explanation regarding the use of words at places and then omitting the same at other places. I had seen this coming and its a perfectly logical explanation. In general, I agree with this explanation completely. In this case, however, I am adding two cents of mine, once again. My knowledge of the Arabic language is next to none. And about my writings I could only say, Oh God, please help. Having said that, here I go:  
1. The first part of the ayah (verse 7, Al-Imran) talks about the entire book and then says that "in it" or "from it" ( I don't know which one is true) are verses that have been perfected (or meanings to that effect) and these are the "mother of the book." Now the question is; if the verse is only talking about some verses being perfected .... and not all the verses in the book, then one may logically assume that other verses are not perfected ....This would then go against the verse 1 of surat hood, as you have already mentioned in your work? I could therefore logically conclude that the first part of the subject verse is talking about all the verses in the book. If that is so, then the second part cannot refer to verses mentioned in the book. It then must refer to something outside the book; and we know there are no verses, as we know them or understand them, outside the book. It is not therefore logical to say that the second part of the same verse is also referring to the ayat or verses. It could simply be referring to other material. It is at this place that the confusion has been created in the past.  
2. The same point is further elaborated in the same verse … they follow that is similar (mutashabih) to the Book …. In my humble opinion, this is a further clarification that people claim similarity between the verses in the Book and the material found in other books. If we look more closely, people are not saying that there are verses (ayat) in other books that are similar to the ones found in the Book. They are rather claiming ridiculously that other books provide explanation, elaboration, abrogation, etc. So they elevate these books to a level that more or less is at par with the Book. In my humble opinion that is how they claim the “similarity status” of the other books vis-à-vis the Book (Quran).  
May Allah SWT help us all to understand and follow His Book. May Allah SWT reward you for your work.

Comments by: aurangzaib On 06 March 2010Report Abuse
Dear Abdullah,  
I am sorry you are talking in "code words" and trying to infer something without discussing the full context of the matter. This is not a very commendable methodology for a Quranic student and the conclusions you will draw from this tactics will not be backed up by authenticity or credibility. And you are using my name also for asserting some point which you have failed to elaborate in detail. Kindly be clear and specific. This is a friendly blog and you are encouraged to open up and be frank and honest. There are respectable ways to discuss points and to agree or differ.  
God bless you.  

Comments by: aurangzaib On 06 March 2010Report Abuse
Dear Abdullah,  
It took me some time to come back to your comment above, directed to Dr. Qamar Zaman, which I quote as under:  
"I think the word "min ho" cant be meant as "In it" n ur translation is wrong .  
what do u think about that?"  
The way you arrived at this conclusion was uncalled for, undesirable and smacked of crook-ism as it involved dubious tactics and manipulation. You are young and in a learning phase of your life. Do you think you are matured enough to pass judgments? Or are you smart enough to exploit my name into meeting your mysterious motives? All I mean to say is that you could have been fearlessly straight forward on this issue. You could have expressed your difference of opinion in a respectable way. I do not want to hurt you. But I do wish to make you develop into a respectable Quranic scholar some day.  
The word ‘MIN’ that you have partly and separately discussed, and extracted your wishful meanings of, from some of us, is not so simple as to easily fall within your mental faculties unless studied thoroughly. The word is discussed at length in Idara Balagh-ul-Quran's Tafseer-e-Quran bil Quran, 1st part, as well as in their book "Quran Fahmi ke Qurani Usool". Khwaja Azhar Abbas has also highlighted different meanings of this word in his Article some time back in either Tulu-e-Islam or Saut ul Haq. ‘ MIN’ my brother is "TABEEDHIYYA" (تبعیضیہ ) and MIN is "BAYAANIYYA" (بیانیہ ). It means that somewhere, according to its context, it means "from" and some other places, it means "THE WHOLE OF”. MIN KUM may mean some of you, and MIN KUM may mean YOU ALL or ALL OF YOU. It is the context that decides the actual applicable status and meaning of the word MIN. And there are other aspects of this word too that are discussed at length, as I have referred to above. So, the word under discussion “MIN HU” can easily mean “All of that” or “The whole of that (it)”. You deliberately confused the whole issue by first asking its meaning totally out of context and then passing an immature verdict.  
It took me some time to answer this as I was locating the references that I had in my record, which illustrate the different usages of this word in Quran. But I could not succeed as the search needed much more time. And I am running short of time these days. But I have quoted references for you to go through, for your peace of mind.  
So, in view of the above, I expect you to review your hasty remarks towards Dr. Qamar Zaman, preferably with an apology. And as long as you are in a learning phase, kindly abstain from passing judgments on scholars of repute, especially when they are far senior to you. Kindly just keep absorbing whatever knowledge and wisdom you are gathering from varied and diverse sources. Wait for your decisive phase of life to come. Before that stage arrives, you might still have to pass a phase of wonder and doubt, where you might like to turn towards atheism, agnosticism, apostasy, or may be communism or at least skepticism. It is only after that, that you will eventually touch the maturity of intellect and would be able to judge things with broader and global perspectives.  
God bless you.  

Comments by: aurangzaib On 07 March 2010Report Abuse
Dear brother Abdullah,  
In continuation of my mail above, I have at last found out the relevant references for the word “MIN” and they are as follows:  
1)“Fa ajtanibu al-rijs MIN al authaan” (22/30) - Beware of the filth FROM IDOLS.  
Note that it is “all the idols”, and not “from some of” the idols.  
2)“Al lazee auhayina alayka MIN al-kitaab huwa al-Haq” (35/31) – And the Book that we have transmitted towards you, that is the Truth.  
Note that “MIN al-KITAAB” is not “SOME OF THE KITAAB” or “A PART FROM THE KITAAB”. It is “THE WHOLE KITAAB”, in its entirety.  
3) “Wal takun MIN KUM Ummatan yadoona ila al-khair, wa yamaroon bilma’aruf…..”(3/104).  
- And essentially you all be a community who invite towards Quran and…. –  
Again here MIN kum means “ALL OF YOU”. Not that SOME OF YOU only have to be such a community…..  
I hope this clears the controversy in your mind about “Min hu Ayaatin Mohkamaatin”. It is not that “some of its Ayaat are Mohkamaat” but it is “the whole of it contains Ayaat-e-Mohkamaat”.  
This is the references for MIN Bayaaniyyah. There are other places where MIN is Tab’eediyyah and they need not be reproduced here.  
God bless you.

Comments by: moazzam On 12 April 2010
My dear abdullah and respected aurangzaib sahib regards, after reading your comments at "ayyat-e-mutashabihat, i would like to share my openion with you both.Before goig deep in interpritation of Quraan, our focus must be on a very crucial point ,wether we are putting our efferts to dignifying the status of Quraan or otherwise.Hafiz abdullah's novice interest toward quraanic research shows that he wants to learn Quran in its true sense ,he could be a scholar of the holy Quraan ,if respected and followed the seniors(like Dr. Qamarzaman) of this great field,he has the positive edge of "HIFZ E QURAAN"Dear Aurangzaib sahib your polite attitude as usual will be highly appreciated.May Allah BLESS you.

Comments by: Hafiz Abdullah On 23 April 2010Report Abuse
Dear respectable all of u slam,  
Dear respectable Dr. sahib slam,  
sir I am sory if u r hurt nd disrespected by me. Please pardon me. I didnt intend to disrespec u ,although it may appear as disrespect. I was just asking a question to remove my conusion, and then clearifying my question on ur demand. nor I did intend to cause a dispute between a teacer and a diciple .I always wish better for u , I love u .I regard u as my guide and a great scholor who has changed my life almost entirely.  
since I am a regular university student so I couldnt find better opportunity to reply .I have understood the above concept through Aurandzaib's and Mr. Rahamatullah Tariq's elaboration. thanks 4 them.

Comments by: aurangzaib On 23 April 2010Report Abuse
My dear Abdullah,  
Through your above comment, you have strengthened my belief in your high intellectual capabilities. I congratulate you on your honesty and moral courage. You are as dear to me still as you have always been.  
Please do not ever think that a difference of opinion can blur your good image in our minds. It is just the way to express it that looked uncivil. I still would not utter a harsh word if I did not have close personal relations with you. That fact gave me a right over you. I am sure you understand me. And I also apologize if I was a little bit stern with you. I feel much relieved now and believe that Dr. Sahib would write a few words for you too.  
God bless you.

Comments by: Hafiz Abdullah On 25 April 2010Report Abuse
Dear respectable all of u slam,  
My dear Moazzam,  
thanks 4 ur kind advice and great inspiration .  
My dear Aurangzaib,  
Thanks 4 the expression of ur kind emotions which is a huge inspiration 4 me .  
I also have been regarding u as my teacher and a great source of knowledge, guidance, advices, and inspirations .  
I would just request u to be lenient to, have good faith 4 others, and don't mind of my request .  
God bless you.  

Comments by: Damon On 29 November 2010Report Abuse
Dear All, AOA,  
I have read Dr Qamar Sahab's explanation of 3:7 and the only two things that I can say are WOOOW!! and THANK YOU!!  
It all makes PERFECT sense and it is now crystal clear to me.  
May Allah amply reward you Br Dr Qamar.  
Your Brother Damon.

Comments by: Damon On 29 November 2010Report Abuse
Quote from Aurangzaib:  
"This is another turning point in history!!! An important new milestone in the journey of time.  
My most sincere compliments and homage to Dr. Sahib. My best wishes for his health and a long, long rewarding life. God bless you Dr. Sahib."  
My sentiments exactly :-)  

Comments by: Mubashir On 24 March 2011Report Abuse

Comments by: Mubashir On 24 March 2011Report Abuse
For discussion sake, let us add this to the mix (Dr Shabbir's rendering):  
(The Book He has sent down bears an important Principle.) He it is Who has revealed to you (O Prophet) the Scripture. In it some verses are Literal, while some verses are Allegorical. The verses that pertain to Permanent Values have been presented literally. These verses, MUHKAMAT, are the Essence of the Divine Law. On the other hand, abstract phenomena, historical events, and the World of the Unseen are described in similes, metaphors and allegories for your understanding (MUTASHABIHAT). But those who are given to crookedness in their hearts pursue the allegories and try to give them literal meanings, thus creating dissension. None knows their final meaning (of such as the Essence of God, His Throne, His Book of Decree, the Eternity) but Allah. Those who are well founded in knowledge understand why the allegories have been used and they keep drawing lessons from them (74:31). They proclaim the belief that the entire Book is from their Lord. As the human knowledge evolves, many of the other allegories will unfold their literal meaning (41:53). But only the men and women of understanding will bear this fact in mind. (Each of the verses in the Qur'an is MUHKAM, Absolute Truth and you can understand which ones are to be taken literally and which ones are to be taken allegorically, by the context (11:1), (47:20). And each verse in the Book complements the other (39:23)).

Comments by: DHULQARNAIN On 11 June 2011Report Abuse
***So it is actually being said: - Those who have perversity in the heart follow the ayas which is superficially similar to the ayas of Al Kitab***  
This rendering is also incorrect. Let’s examine three vital words germaine to this subject:  
1. Mutashabiyt/shabaha- ه ب ش: to liken; resemble; similar; consimilar; same; homogeneous. Dictionary of the Quran, by Abdul Mannan Omar; pg. 283.  
2. Ma/Min lam-ما : is also used for emphasis and stress and also as a negative adverb. In general it denies a circumstance, either present or past or if past but a little remote from the present. Dictionary of the Quran, by Abdul Mannan Omar; pg.524.  
3. Ghayra /ghayn-ya-ra- ر ي غ: to change; alter; difference; without; but not. Dictionary of the Quran, by Abdul Mannan Omar; pg.413  
So, in a phrase, mutashabiyat means to be consistent with. Now, let’s examine other ayats which also contain this word and see if they are mutashabiyat with the definition.  
39:23 Allah has revealed the best hadith, a Book consistent/mutashabihan, repeating (its injunctions), whereat do shudder the skins of those who fear their Lord, then their skins and their hearts soften to Allah’s remembrance. This is Allah’s guidance — He guides with it whom He pleases. And he whom Allah leaves in error, there is no guide for him.  
In 39:23, Allah is telling the reader that His Quran is consistent mutashabihan / with itself. If this wern’t the case, then Al-Quran would accused of having discrepancies:  
4:82 Will they not then meditate on the Quran? And if it were from any other than Allah, they would have found in it many a discrepancy.  
2:25 And give good news to those who believe and do good deeds, that for them are Gardens in which rivers flow. Whenever they are given a portion of the fruit thereof, they will say: This is what was given to us before; and they are given the like/ mutashabihan of it. And for them therein are pure companions and therein they will abide.  
Can this ayat really be translated as...given the allegorical of it?  
2:70 They said: Call on thy Lord for our sake to make it clear to us what she is, for surely to us the cows are all alike/ tashabaha, and if Allah please we shall surely be guided aright.  
Can this ayat really be translated as...the cows are all allegorical?  
2:118 And those who have no knowledge say: Why does not Allah speak to us or a sign come to us? Even thus said those before them, the like of what they say. Their hearts are all alike/ tashabaha. Indeed We have made the messages clear for a people who are sure.  
Can this ayat really be translated as...their hearts are all allegorical?  
6:99 And He it is Who sends down water from the clouds, then We bring forth with it buds of all (plants), then We bring forth from it green (foliage), from which We produce clustered grain; and of the date-palm, of the sheaths of it, come forth clusters (of dates) within reach; and gardens of grapes and the olive and the pomegranate, alike/ mushtabihan and unlike/ghayra mutashabihin. Look at the fruit of it when it bears fruit and the ripening of it. Surely there are signs in this for a people who believe!  
Can this ayat really be translated as... the pomegranate allegorical and unallegorical?  
6:141 And He it is Who produces gardens, trellised and untrellised, and palms and seed-produce of which the fruits are of various sorts, and olives and pomegranates like/ mutashabihan and unlike/ ghayra mutashabihin. Eat of its fruit when it bears fruit, and pay the due of it on the day of its reaping, and be not prodigal. Surely He loves not the prodigals;  
Once again, can this ayat really be translated as... the pomegranate allegorical and unallegorical?  
3. Ghayra: ghayn-ya-ra- ر ي غ .: to change; alter; difference; without; but not. Dictionary of the Quran, by Abdul Mannan Omar; pg.413  
In ayats 6:99 and 6:141, we see the term ghayra to mean ”but not”, that is, not like/ mutashabihan  
3:7 He it is Who has revealed the Book to thee; some of its verses are decisive — they are the basis of the Book — and others are consistent/ alike/mutashabihatun with these. Then those in whose hearts is perversity follow not/MA-tashabaha / the part of it which is consistent/ alike, seeking to mislead, and seeking to give it (their own) interpretation. And none knows its interpretation save Allah, and those firmly rooted in knowledge. They say: We believe in it, it is all from our Lord. And none mind except men of understanding.  
Now the ayat makes sense: ...Then those in whose hearts is perversity follow NOT the part of it which is consistent/ alike/matashabaha  
2. Ma-ما MIM LAM: is also used for emphasis and stress and also as a negative adverb. In  
general it denies a circumstance, either present or past or if past but a little remote from the present. Dictionary of the Quran, by Abdul Mannan Omar; pg.524.  
In ayat 3:7 then, we see ”ma” attached to tashabaha, making it now mean a negative circumstance, that is, the opposite of alike/mutashabihatun, hence, NOT consistent/ MA-tashabaha.  
DOUBT/RA-YA-BA/ ب ي ر :to make uncertain; cast one into doubt;cause doubt; disturb; suspicion; cause unesaines of mind. Dictionary of the Quran, by Abdul Mannan Omar, pg. 227  
NO/LA/LAM-YA/: no; not at all.  
Dictionary of the Quran, by Abdul Mannan Omar, pg. 505  
2:23 And if you are in doubt/ raybin as to that which We have revealed to Our servant, then produce a chapter like it and call on your helpers besides Allah if you are truthful.  
9:45 They alone ask leave of thee who believe not in Allah and the Last Day, and their hearts are in doubt/irtabat , so in their doubt/raybihim they waver.  
2:2 That Book, there is no/la doubt/rayba in it, is a guide to those who keep their duty,  
10:37 And this Quran is not such as could be forged by those besides Allah, but it is a verification of that which is before it and a clear explanation of the Book, there is no/ la doubt/ in it, from the Lord of the worlds.  
Clearly then, from these definitions and ayats, we can determine that rayba means doubt and shabaha means similar/alike. These terms are distinct one from another in a book, called by Allah, Al-Furqan--that which makes distinct.  
2:185 The month of Ramadan is that in which the Quran was revealed, a guidance to men and clear proofs of the guidance and the Criterion/Al-Furqan.  
FURQAN/FA-RA-QAF/ ق ر ف : to separate; the act of distinction or separating; split.  
Dictionary of the Quran, by Abdul Mannan Omar, pg. 423  
Hopefully, this clears up the matter of mutashabiyat and rayba.  
Looking forward to your replies.  

Comments by: Nargis-Badshah-Salamat On 13 June 2011Report Abuse
Salam dhulqarnain  
did i get it right, you are saying aya actually said: Some ayas are firm, some are similiar to them (But they are both inside the Quran)?

Comments by: DHULQARNAIN On 14 June 2011Report Abuse
Salaamun Alaikum, Nargis,  
***did i get it right, you are saying aya actually said: Some ayas are firm, some are similiar to them (But they are both inside the Quran)?***  
Not so much "firm" as--> HA-KAF- MIM : fundamental; made clear in and of itself; having definite meaning; to be taken in the literal sense: Dictionary of Quran, by Abdul Mannan Omar, pg. 131  
For example the following ayat is muhkamatun:  
112:1 Say: He, Allah, is One.  
As opposed to an ayat such as this 5:60; it is not clear in and of itself; it requires other ayats to make it mukhamatun:  
5:60 Say: Shall I inform you of those worse than this in retribution from Allah? They are those whom Allah has cursed and upon whom He brought His wrath and of whom He made apes and swine, and who serve the devil. These are in a worse plight and further astray from the straight path.  

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Peace to all - excellent discussion... God bless u all...

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AA brethren, may I draw your attention to issue of constitution, please!  
If you have read my posts you would have come to realise what islam is all about. I would try and condense that just for reminder.  
Islam is all about turning us all from worst than animals in to good humans for our own good.  
Just search for meaning of word islam. It means peace, peace in what sense ie what defines this word? The quran, and what is quran? The divine constitution of islam or for peace and prosperity of mankind to form a human society on its basis as a one single family working hard for all of its members so that it is at peace within itself.  
The question is, what is definition of a constitution or what purpose it is supposed to serve and how it is structured or laid out and what it ought to contain?  
We know islam means peace ie Allah set for us a purpose in life and that purpose is living in peace and ensuring others too are living in peace. Since peace cannot be achieved by an individual on his own therefore need for inviting everyone to come and join. This is struggle for peace and this is jihad for islam=peace.  
Now if people come together on basis of peace or for the purpose of peace then they need to organise into a community or society. If that is the case then we will need terms and conditions for unity and rules and regulations as well as rights and responsibilities so that we each who have joined this big human organisation for creating peace in the world could keep our relationships with each other on equal and understood footing so that there is peace between ourselves to begin with. We cannot have peace in the world if we are fighting between ourselves as to what islam is or what is part of islam and what is not. Therefore such an important basis or foundation could not be left out of the quran to people because people would not know what to do, especially 15 centuries back. Though quran tells us God told people same message right from the start. So people who think quran is mullahs' mumbo jumbo need to wake up because how do you explain the very concept promoted by the quran that the constitution is supreme? This is why law and order and economics and everything relating human society is discussed in the quran within quranic context in all necessary detail. Our problem is that we do not bother to read the quran for understanding but for useless point scoring against each other trying to show we are superior to each other just like kids fighting in the playground. Unless we realise that we must read the quran to see what it might have to tell us we are just not going to get its message rather we are going to see in it what we want.  
Regardless if we want to be a community then we also need an administration so that all of us and our resources are managed in such a way by this administration that it helps us achieve our set out goal ie peace. Moreover peace is not possible unless we meet our all essential needs and additional desires within set limits of human progress and prosperity.  
This means we need each other's cooperation, help and support and so our organisation is a kind of supportive network for us whereof we should be able to derive our strength as a one big family working very, very hard for betterment and development of each other.  
Now read the so called DROOD verse in the quran 33/56.  
It is telling us that Allah and the administration=authorised people support the prophet in his divine mission=goal so you too the believers in the mission support the prophet as you ought to.  
Can you see what the quran is telling us? It is not about sitting idle doing nothing useful just uttering some magic words and thinking we have done a lot of help to the mission of the prophet. This is how ignorant and arrogant enemies of islam have turned us into useless people. We have become just zabaani kalaami muslims ie mazhabi muslims, who think islam is all about saying some words and that is it.  
Please try to understand the actual message of the quran by making some effort towards it. The quran's main stress is that it is constitution for organising people into a good community that is peaceful, progressive and prosperous.  
This means quran ought to be a book of goals, rights and responsibilities, rules and regulations, procedures for setting up administration and running it and changing it etc etc. This is what I find in the quran which our mullahs have covered up for obvious reasons that if islam is taken as ruler in form of laws then all people will be under the law ie living by same standard for all. This is why kings and their mullahs changed islam in to mumbo jumbo and if anyone stood in their way, they killed him ie try and understand killing of grandsons of the prophet so soon after his death.  
So quran clearly states aims and objectives, terms and conditions, rules and regulations, rights and responsibilities, systems, structures and procedures and practices etc etc regarding forming communities and administrations so we have nothing essential left out of the quran to fight over.  
You ask any molvi sb tell us how to organise and run our organisation according to quran, he will tell you there is nothing in the quran about it. This is because either molvi is a mullah type or has not yet thought about it. He is just following what he learned from his childhood and remains childish. The quran is not for babies but for grown up people ie people who enable themselves to be able to understand its message. A street map is only useful for people who can read the map. You cannot give it to a baby and ask him to guide with it himself and others. The very same is situation with mullahs, they are bunch of uneducated people trying to control others like bully kids do to other kids in the playground.  
So wake up! wake up! my dear brothers and sisters and start thinking that if quran does not tell you how to organise as a human society then what purpose does it really serve? Nothing because human organisation is the fundamental problem for humanity and if the quran had ignored this very essential part then it would be a useless book not a book of wisdom from the all knowing.  
This is where in come people like sir syed, iqbal, jinnah, parwez and many others. It is educated peoples' understanding of the quran versus uneducated peoples understanding of the quran. Just educasted grown up people will make sense of the quran according to what they have learned so would uneducated, simple minded people according to their level of knowledge. If you give a a baby a maths book and expect he will be able to teach you maths then not only baby will not be able to do that but also you will be making fools of yourselves by trying to take baby as your teacher. Likewise people who only learn to read and write arabic you expect them to teach you ideologies, politics, social structuring, economic and other things like complex systems and structures or procedures and practices. So people who are educated need to pick up the quran and get involved in ite interpretation. The quran is about running the private and public, local, national and international world affairs. All this is too much even for a highly educated person never mind a madrassa educated molvi who has no idea what our side world looks like or how it works.  
The difference is obvious that whereas educated muslims try to unite people in the name of islam, the mullahs are busy dividing them.  
This is why we need education and not weapons for islamic imperialism. Jihad in islam is all about promoting islam using sense and defending it. It is not at all about killing and destruction of humanity at massive scale but to make man see his rightful place in this world of Allah as his servant who lives to serve fellow human beings in his name.  
We have plenty of problems in pakistan and muslim ummah and the solution is neither in dictatorship nor in democracy, the solution lies in proper constitution and its proper installation and maintenance or proper implementation and enforcement. So far most of our people do not know what a proper constitution is and the proof is that they say the quran is our constitution yet they add there own articles and clauses in the constitution that bypass the quran. The question is, why they need to do that? It is because the constitution must have an interpretation and the only interpretation we have is that of malukiyat mullah based interpretation and that is mazhabi interpretation and you cannot run a community by using mazhab. People just pay lip service to the quran that it is a constitution because they do not know what it says as a constitution. The people who told them or tell them what quran is all about these mazhabi peshwa get them out of their way by issuing fatwas and ignorant people just go after the very people whom they really need to teach them the quran as to what is written in it as a divine constitution.  
The very first problem that arises when one claims the quran is a constitution is that it has to be rational. Sir Syed is the man who told them that. Now listen to all the mullahs of any aqeedah and you will see them at least being very critical of sir syed just on the basis that he promoted rationalism. In fact if you read history there were no madrassas before sir syed began his mission of educating his fellow muslims but what he did for them he got back what he did not expect. Even though he succeeded in defeating mullahs but it was not at all easy.  
The very next problem that arises after accepting rational interpretation of the quran is, what is a constitution? Since a constitution is mainly for running a community smoothly towards the set goal for which constitution is created therefore the debate arises whether islam is deen or mazhab. Once against only concept that islam is a deen would allow muslims to run their community for their set goal not mazhab. This debate was won by another man, iqbal. Again if we read history we will see that it was not at all easy for him either to defeat mullahs on this very point.  
The next problem after accepting the quran rational and a constitution is what is islamic law. This is also defined by three major personalities a)iqbal, b)jinnah and c)parwez.  
These people are of the view that islamic shariah is only and only that which is based upon the quranic formulas within set limits of the quran as per need of the time as defined by shoora of the ummah. SHOORA is group of people who are capable of running the community or country who are well aware of the ummah and other people in the world. They know what society is and what local, national and international relations are and what is peace, progress and prosperity beside freedom, justice, compassion and brotherhood at least within ummah to begin with.  
This is where ummah stands currently in its fights within. One can see the kind of islam we discuss on this forum. That is the final problem and the day another sir syed or iqbal is born to defeat mullahs on this issue that will be the day ummah would be knowing the quran properly and will follow it. This day cannot come till people get education and become rational in their thinking.  
The quran was centuries ahead of its time just on the issue of constitution. People who are totally taken over by mazhabi mumbo jumbo cannot see beyond lip service and some rituals. They miss the real purpose of the divine book by miles.  
The quran is a perfect constitution and when people understand it properly and implement it all problems will be solved. In 7th century the quran challenged humanity as a whole that none can produce a constitution like the quran not even like one of its principles and we can see none has bothered even to understand the challenge never mind bring the answer to it.  
We see people talking about science in the quran, not even once they think that there cannot be biggest miracle for mankind than having a perfect constitution. The biggest problem of humanity is infighting and only way to bring peace to it is by this miracle.  
This miracle we kiss, wrap it up securely and put it on the top shelves in our house to collect dust the while we take our swords and cut each other's throats.  
Allah sent us his mercy in form of the quran and see how we accept it? Shame on this ummah that is so stupid. I do not want to bring in the verse of surah 62 al jummah about people of the book abut books carrying donkeys. So many centuries passed us by and we have not used the quran to make for ourselves paradise on the earth. What a foolish people we are! We are stuck with very serious issues like face cover and length of beard.  
As for the economics, the islamic economic system is based upon this concept and it is discussed in the quran throughout ie man is not allowed to take over anything at all as his but as a servant of Allah all Allah has created belong to him if he uses it for the betterment of the whole mankind. In other words Allah allowed people only the use of things for people for their own good and not at all for use and abuse of each other. This is termed in the quran as BAEE and RIBAA and one is opposite of others. Allah allows trade not in sense of business for profit but exchanging things for the benefit of each other. If it is business for the profit then it comes under unlawful because in that case the basic intention of benefiting others is missing because the main incentive in there is profit not the sense of trying to provide something for someone because it will be good for him/her. You do not put profit before your family members ie you do not talk business because that is your family. if you put profit before you family then you are worse than animals. So that should make clear what is meant by trade in the quran.  
The mullah created definition of profit and interest is totally wrong and out of context. Their mistake lies in their understanding of word trade. It simply means division of labour in muslim society like a family ie you do shopping for family, I clean the house for it, someone makes food for the family and someone looks after the kids and someone does this and someone that. The administration has a job to do in order to keep family regulated and progressive and prosperous ensuing there is no disturbance of peace in the family/community.  
So the ideas islam gives in the quran are very simple as well as very complex. It is people with harmful and destructive interests against humanity that deliberately fuel misinterpretations of the quran and misrepresent it and thereby take advantage of those who are uneducated or not sufficiently educated.  
So if we want to stop bad elements of our human society then we need to join together and not let such mentally ill people do to us what they are doing by fooling us in the name of making world a better place. The quran clearly deals with such people right in the beginning by exposing them to us ie actions speak louder than word. They say we are peace makers but they end up creating wars. The quran tells us be careful regarding such devils.  
The question is, how to change the system? Very easy ie educate people that they are one family ie brotherhood. If they accept they are one family then things can be initiated over night for change. So the difficult bit is unity of humanity on basis of a formula that is equally acceptable to all. So if we are not worst than animals then we should not go for anything that shows from our actions that we are worst than all creatures. It is because no other creature can be as destructive or as constructive as ourselves.  
We all come from families therefore if we accept that we are a family then we already have a perfectly working model for us to design our systems and structures upon ie all we need to do is to make it all inclusive.  
So I suggest we learn and study quran as a divine constitution and not as a mazhabi pooja paat holy book so that after knowing it we could implement it as a constitution of pakistan.  
This book was sent for our benefit not for putting us through terrible suffering.  
So in context of quran being divine constitution, the quran is solid as foundation for humanity to base itself upon and all else is hot air, mirage, illusion, falsehood. This seems to be context of 3/7 in my view.  
Surah 3 AALI IMRAN=People and Society  
Proclaim in the name of Allah the gracious, the merciful  
1)Alif Laam Meem  
2) That none is God but He Allah, the Living, the Eternal.  
3) He sent for you this constitution for a set purpose, confirming that which went before it, for He sent the Toraah and the Injeel before this as guidance for mankind and now He has sent this as the criterion and a standard for mankind to live by.  
4) Surely for such as oppose goals of Allah for the good of mankind there awaits a terrible suffering because Allah has set up a strict law for result of peoples’ actions,  
5) Nothing escapes laws of Allah in the earth or in the heaven.  
6) He it is Who forms your bodies according to laws of nature in the wombs of your mothers as He programmed the natural processes and phenomena. None is God but He, the Mighty, the Wise.  
7) He it is Who has sent for you this constitution which contains goals that are foundational for humanity, they are foundation of this constitution and anything opposite to that is illusionary and false. Despite this fact those who harbour harmful and destructive ambitions in their minds against humanity follow the opposite direction to these goals looking for ways and means to cause fights and wars between people, however none can make evident to people of knowledge their intended targets and motives save Allah. Therefore those well grounded in knowledge say, we commit to working for peace and prosperity of mankind on the basis of this constitution that only this constitution is from our Lord not other opposing things that people attribute to Him. Yet none will take heed save those who have Intelligence and use it to understand things properly  
8) saying, our Lord, let not our minds deviate from Your set goals after you have made them evident for us and grant us more knowledge from yourself for our peace and prosperity, for You are the grantor of bounties in abundance.  
9) Our Lord, only Your constitution is capable of gathering all people under one rule for a time there is no doubt about it, because following constitution of Allah never fails to deliver.  
10) Therefore those who declare war against installation of constitution of Allah, of no benefit at all will be for them their wealth and their children against advice of Allah. For they are the ones who fuel the fire of hatred between mankind so they are bound to fail.  
11) Their end result will be the same as that of people of Pharaoh and their predecessors who opposed installation of Our constitution, thus caught up with them declared law of Allah in form of consequences of their harmful deeds. Allah is strict indeed in enforcing his law of requital.  
12) Say to those who declare war against the rule of Allah, soon you will be overpowered by your own atrocities against each other and driven together towards hell you would have created for yourselves and that is a terrible state to be in.  
13) Indeed there is between you a clear ideological demarcation separating you into two factions arranged against each other in battle. One side is struggling for installing the constitution of Allah and the other fighting against it. To them both it appeared as if they have been opponents battling each other continuously. However Allah aided with His helps only those who works for it. Surely therein is a lesson for those who are insightful about laws of Allah that operate in the universe.  
14) People have been furnished with drives for needs and wants as regard communities and values as well as valuing things in form of piles of gold and silver and horses that bring them name and cattle and plantations. These are provisions for them in life of this world but the sense of properly benefiting from them rests on making use of them according to declared will of Allah the creator and sustainer.  
15) Say, shall I tell you the better way of getting and using of things than the way you get and use them? For those who work according to constitution of Allah for peace and prosperity of humanity there are going to be states in which will flow things of need and desire like rivers, wherein they will live in company of like minded constructive and hard working people for as long as they will live by His will because they will have achieved approval of Allah. And Allah is fully aware of those who serve His constitution in His kingdom.  
16) Those who say, our Lord! We indeed commit to working for peace and prosperity of mankind so remove from us all our self created ills and end our suffering due to the fire of our self created hatred between us.  
17) They are steadfast in purpose and true to their words in deed as well as take a stand for what is right with God and is good humanity and they work for the good of others to help remove ills from the society, and they waste no time but start working for removal of ills from society straight away.  
18) That is how Allah makes evident that there is no God but He and that is how bear witness as an example the people in administration of divine kingdom as well as those well grounded in knowledge standing firmly for justice. Therefore you should know there is no God save Allah, the Mighty, the Wise.  
19) Surely as far as Allah is concerned the main goal of this constitution is peace and prosperity for mankind. Any people who were ever given the divine books did not go against this goal but out of rebellion against each other amongst themselves after the knowledge had come to them by declaring wars against it. So those who declare wars against revelations of Allah should becomes aware that Allah is strict in holding people to His declared will by law of requital or resulting consequence.  
20) Yet if they do not accept this and instead argue with you baselessly say, I have committed myself fully to working for peace and prosperity of mankind as a goal set by Allah and so have those that support me. Then say to those who have been given the divine book but they did not read it to understand it properly, will you also commit yourselves to working for peace and prosperity of mankind along with us? If they commit to working for peace and prosperity of mankind then they too have followed the right course of action, but if they turn back then your responsibility is only to proclaim declared will of Allah. And Allah is watching all that mankind do and face the consequences of their actions.  
21) So tell them about the law of grievous consequential suffering for those who declare wars on Allah’s revelations by fighting against the Prophets without any justification and even kill those among mankind who campaign for peace based on social justice.  
22) Such are the ones whose deeds are void of any good for mankind in this world and in the hereafter because they are not supported by constitution of Allah.  
23) Have you not seen the behaviour of those who were given the divine book? When they are invited even to their own book of Allah for settlement of disputes between them, a group of them then turns back thus they decline unity for peace and prosperity even among themselves.  
24) This is because they claim the fire of sectarian hatred between us will only last for a limited number of days. Thus deceive them their make beliefs taught to them by their priests in the name of God about the divine law of consequences.  
25) Regardless what they say or do you keep drawing peoples’ attention to the time in coming of which there is no doubt that how they will benefit when We will gather them under Our constitution whereby each person will be rewarded fully for what one would have earned and there will not be done any injustice to anyone whatsoever?  
26) Say, O Allah! Sovereign of the Kingdom of the universe, You give authority in the kingdom to whoever works towards it and you take away the authority in the kingdom from whoever fails to work to hold on to it, You bestow dignity upon whoever works for it and let fall into disgrace whoever fails to work to hold on to it. In Your rule of law rests whatever is good for the mankind. Surely You have set laws to govern operations of all things.  
27) That is how You rotate the zone of the earth under darkness for the night to bring it under the sunlight for the day and that is how You turn the zone of the earth under sunlight for the day to bring it under the darkness for the night by laws of nature, thus by same laws of nature You bring forth living nations from the dead and likewise You let lively nations decline into the dead as a consequence of their lack of consistency in the effort for progress and prosperity and likewise You provide sustenance in abundance for anyone as You declare in your revealed will.  
28) Let not those who claim to be committed to working for peace and prosperity of mankind therefore form alliances with those who are warmongers instead of those who claim to be committed to working for peace and prosperity of mankind, because any people who do that will lose the peace and security offered by rule according to constitution of Allah even though you may enter in peace treaty with them if they so desire as a measure to prevent open hostilities. Nonetheless Allah Himself reminds you that your goal must remain installation of constitution of Allah.  
29) Say, regardless you conceal what is in your minds or reveal it, Allah will make it evident in due course. For He makes evident whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth through its working. Allah has set laws for all things to work accordingly.  
30) The day when every person will be confronted with whatever good one would have done for others one will be satisfied, but as for one's inflictions of harm and destruction upon others, one will wish there was a very long distance between him and his deeds. Allah cautions you to be consistent with His constitution. For Allah is full of kindness towards mankind.  
31) Say if you claim to be loyal to the constitution of Allah then support me in my mission to install the constitution, Allah too will support you by His constitution, because thereby He will free you from all your problems. For Allah is graceful in showing mercy.  
32) Say, be consistent with constitution of Allah and in supporting His Messenger, but if they move away then Allah supports not those who oppose His constitution.  

Respected Dr.Qamarzaman regards,i fully convinced with your interpretation for " wa ukharo mutashabihat",kindly consolidate 39/23 and 3/7,then enlighten the same.May ALLAH bless you. Question by: moazzam From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) On 13/04/2010
Salaam Dr. Qamar Zaman, i don't understand urdu quite well. could you please translate the verse 3:7 in english. Question by: shireen On 21/04/2010
AOA, As I know that Dr Qamar's availability is very limited. So my question is to all Aatana blog. Can someone explain word 'kullun' in the verse 3:7 that on what it applies? Or if it is already discussed then please point me to the thread. Thanks Question by: Anwer Suri From UNITED STATES On 27/05/2011
Dear Moazzam bhai regards, Aap likhte hain Quran me two types ki ayaat hain Mohakkam aur Mutashabihat jabki Dr.Q.Z. Prove karte hain Quran me sirf Mohakkam ayaat hain.Plz explain kr den. Question by: Mohd Danish From INDIA (SAHARANPUR) On 28/03/2013
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