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Salam. Islam being not a Mazhab but rather an ideal way of life as Qur'an describes for all the humanity, why after once it was established by the prophet at that time, the beneficiaries of it replaced it with a problematic and persecuting religion
Add Your Comments  Question by: HAMEEDKHATTAK On 27 December 2010
Comments by: naeem sheikh On 28 December 2010Report Abuse
Dear Khattak! As you quoted that, " Islam being not a Mazhab but rather an ideal way of life ,why after once it was established by the prophet at that time, the beneficiaries of it replaced it with a problematic and persecuting religion. " . How can you claim, it was established once in the prophet's time, is it by history or you have any quranic evidence?

Comments by: Junaid On 30 December 2010Report Abuse
Brother naeem sheikh, please go through the following post;  
I am sure this will give you some idea of what was established during prophet's time.

Comments by: naeem sheikh On 30 December 2010Report Abuse
Dear Junaid ! I have gone through the link you referred to, your conclusion at the end that "This is the system of life (Al-Deen) which has been conveyed to us by Prophet (S) in form of Quran, and was successfully implemented and followed during his time" I, 100% agree with your inference, the same is being reflected by 1st part of your above sited sentence. My question is related to the assumption made in the 2nd part of the said sentence, as every one claims that this DEEN had been implemented completely in that time.

Comments by: Junaid On 31 December 2010Report Abuse
Brother Naeem, Having gone through Quran with an open mind and after a lot of research and analysis, I was able to explore and understand the beauty and perfection of Islam as compared to the rest of the systems implemented throughout the history. However, to tell you the truth, I am still confused regarding whether Islam was completely established in it's true form and accepted by everyone during Prophet's time. The reason behind my confusion is the following questions;  
1: Despite being such a perfect, such an effective system, why Islam only lasted for few decades and if it was completely established during the time of Prophet(S) and the 4 caliphs, why it completely disappeared later on?  
2: Why there is no written record available in any form regarding the following;  
a: Principles of Governance during Prophet's time.  
b: Economy and legislation during Prophet's time.  
c: Law and foreign relations during Prophet's time  
d: Social, moral and ethical values during Prophet's time.  
3: Most importantly, what were the weak points which helped conspirators and evil forces to completely dominate and totally destroy this system?  
Let me share what I have studied so far. It might help us both to analyze and understand what went wrong:  
Quran gives us examples of previous nations who got deviated from the path of peace and harmony and it is a true reflection of what is going on today. A clear evidence that human nature and behavior has been same throughout the history of mankind (evolved into the current form). Greed for power, love for material wealth, personal ego and arrogance are the factors which leads to a state of denial. This is what happened to the previous nations, this is what we can see happening around us today and probably the same has happened right after the era of Prophet (S) and the 4 caliphs.  
History tells us that Islam brought peace, harmony and prosperity for Arab nation within a span of few year, This was at it's peak during the time of Caliph Hazrat Umer (R) when followers of Islam were controlling a vast region from Africa and Europe to Central Asia and no one was in need of Zakat.  
Although our history has been forged and fabricated by Persian scholars like Tabari bin Rustam (No written material is available prior to Mr. Tabari) during 9th century, but still it agrees with the fact that true caliphate lasted only for few decades and it ended after Hazrat Ali (R). What was the difference between the era of those 4 caliphs and those who came afterwards?  
According to my understanding, the major difference was the concept of Governance and legislation. Greed for wealth and power was the dominating factor which changed everything soon after Hazrat Ali (R) passed away.  
Concepts of monarchy were reintroduced by Umayyads and Abbasids who enjoyed total support from Jewish, Christian and Zoroastrian conspirators in order to replace the true Islamic principles with a religion based on myths, dogmas and rituals. People were forced to accept religion as a replacement for deen and rituals as a replacement of salaat and zakat. Extreme and brutal force was used against those who opposed this transformation of system and as a result, true Islam eventually got vanished.  
Being a professional in the field of banking and economy, I am totally aware of all the flaws in the modern (Zionist) banking and economic system based on fiat money. I also feel that the modern Islamic banking is as fake and ineffective as today's Islam being followed. On the other hand, what I have learned from Quran can be regarded as a perfect legislative and economic system which can be implemented quite effectively as a replacement. I have tried my level best to find out some written records during the time of Prophet (S) and the 4 caliphs but unfortunately I couldn't.  
Why there is no written record available during Prophet's time and during the era of 4 caliphs?  
Why all my research ends up at Islamic History, Islamic Governance and Islamic Economy written by Tabari bin Rustam and few others in 9th century and why I cannot go beyond?  
I have read a lot of books about what happened during Umayyad and Abbasid Era and all of these writers agree to the fact that the previous records were intentionally destroyed. Unfortunately, none of these writers have provided any details, proofs or evidences as to how these records were destroyed so effectively.  
Perhaps we cannot get to a conclusion unless we could find some written records during Prophet Mohammed's time confirming that the true Islamic system was being practiced 100% according to what has been mentioned in Quran.

Comments by: naeem sheikh On 31 December 2010Report Abuse
Dear Junaid ! AB PUCHTAYE KIYA HUWAT JAB CHIRYAN CHUG GAIN KHAIT. What the poor Muslim do???????? Plz don’t rely ever on history (pre or post said era) You have Qura’n in your hand, “TRUST IN” AND GO A HEAD.May Allah help you.

Comments by: Junaid On 31 December 2010 Edit DeleteReport Abuse
Brother Naeem, I do trust in Quran, of course we all do and thats why we are here on this forum.  
Perhaps I was unable to explain my point of view. Let me try again :)  
Do you think me, you or anyone else can have a better trust in Quran or a better understanding of it than our prophet (S) and respected companions had? Who can deny the sincerity, wisdom and knowledge of prophet(S) and his companions. The were the ones who preserved every single word of Quran in an effective way and they were the ones who implemented Islam in it's true form. However it is a fact that the system they implemented, got completely dominated by evil forces within 3 or 4 decades and was changed into something totally different.  
Relying on history is quite important in order to understand why this system couldn't survive against the evil forces.  
What could possibly be the reason?  
Was it that no effective measures were taken during those times to prevent conspiracies?  
Was it that the system itself had no tendencies to stand against such odds?  
I am quite sure that the situation is much more difficult today coz we are living in a world totally dominated by Jesuits and Jewish (Zionist) forces who will strongly oppose any attempt to implement a system which denies slavery and subjugation. These forces have created a system based on usury and fiat money which is in total control of world's economy.  
How can we expect to fight against such a system without knowing their strength and our weakness?  
Without analyzing history, one cannot improve the present and cannot guarantee a secure future.  

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salam to all.. quran mai btaya gya hai isko samjhna aasan hai. bt hm dekhte hai ki quran mai majazi meanings zyada liy jate hai. esa ku? aasan tehreer to low I.Q.wale insaan ki samjh mai bhi aajane chahiyen. Question by: sara fatima From INDIA (SAHARANPUR) On 30/10/2012
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