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One thing which i want to ask is that if a society is pemitting sex, there is no marriage boundation in the society,where after and before marriage they are doing it and it is permitted in law, than is it right?does Quran permits it?
Add Your Comments  Question by: ALI.HAIDEER On 25 June 2010
Comments by: moazzam On 28 June 2010
Brother Ali Haider ! regards, your this hypothetical question is based totaly at assumptions. Although it could be the desire and practice of some characterless individuals in some societies, but in fact there is no such a religion or society of rational people dwelling on earth. Almost all gender even the malpractioners likes their spouse to be poised.Quranic guidance in setting down the constitution of any nation based upon “AL MAARUF”the society has free hand to settle down his laws, bye laws as per people’s will/wish but with in the limitations and parameters laid down by quran.  

Comments by: ali.haideer On 01 July 2010Report Abuse
Aslamoalikum: Rather to say me that it is hypothetical and there is no society and making me silent by saying these things it was better to answer my question. . .  
I think that we should ask questions to eliminate those things from life and ideas from mind which are not as per quran. I know many persons who say that Sex should be free and Islam is implementing a restriction on the people, they say sex should be the private matter etc...  
And soorry to say but sweping of wives is a common routine practice in America and Europe so your statement that "malpractioners like their spouse to be poised" can be implemented on some people but not on all the people. I was going through a book that was on muta(marriage for short duration) and it was mentioned that it is permitted because if our sexual desire can't be satisfied with one partner you can go for muta.Now see people are saying that sex in the form of muta is Halal what is it????It is pre or post martial sex,a married man can do it....(here I am not going in detail of Muta I think you will have better knowledge about it).....and they are giving it permit on the name of Islam and you are saying there is no society where these things are happening..  
therefore i asked question but it was in a hypothetical way just to include all the conditions of the case. Thanks

Comments by: moazzam On 01 July 2010
Brother Ali Haider ! Assalam o alaikum, If ur hypothetical question is concerns about the MUTTA, which had been legitimized with quranic verse 4/24 in some societies , then u must see it in paradigm of verse 4/25 where sexual ails legitimated the countless LOUNDIES to keep in their harums.My dear I don’t know much about the religious term MUTTA and its details, my question here is if married man can quench his thirst of sex by mutta then married woman should be allowed ,if not then why imparity here ? I think any society must observe the pre and post quranic requisites of nikah and verse 24/31 while legislating about the permission(marriage bound) and other sexual matters. As a whole mutta, nikha,malakat aimanukum muhsanat,musafiheen ,polygamy must be elaborated in its true quranic sense..Dr. Qamar zaman has already enlighten us much of said.God bless you.

Comments by: Dr. Qamar Zaman On 05 July 2010
Dear ali haider ,  
the following is the answer given by Zubair bhai recently to another member in response to a question of the same nature .  
I agree with Brother Dr. Qamar regarding the meaning of Zina and Zani. Let me clarify that I am no expert of Arabic language. However, I am a truth seeker and a student who is busy learning and gaining knowledge on every subject every day. Further, God Almighty has endowed us with intelligence, common sense, and logic. When I applied these assets, I had no choice but to marvel at Dr. Qamar’s unique and rare gift of understanding the terms of the Quran.  
If we accept the traditional meanings of the terms Zina and Zani, then we have a problem with the punishment. It is selective and discriminatory. Most of the time only adulteress receives the punishment, not the adulterer. Our traditional scholars reject DNA evidence. Without the DNA evidence, it is impossible to convict an adulterer. The same is the case with a rapist. Our traditional scholars have made it easy for men to rape women and get no punishment at all. How can a victim produce 4 witnesses, as required under Sharia Law? If she files a complaint against her rapist, it is considered admission of guilt or adultery. Hence, the victim, who is almost always a female, receives the punishment. God is Just. But this punishment is unjust plain and simple.  
Are not we intelligent creatures? Do not we know how to prevent crimes and deal with criminals? Of courses our methods change and improve with time. But God’s laws do not change. If we take ZINA to mean adultery and ZANI as adulterer or adulteress, then we are forever stuck with this punishment of 100 lashes. This brings us to another dilemma. Is adultery really so horrible crime that God had to prescribe a punishment? Bear in mind that an adulterer and adulteress mostly hurt their own selves. On the other hand there are crimes that hurt and even destroy the whole societies. Take a look at the nation of Pakistan. The whole nation is suffering as a result of the crimes such as robbery, bribery, corruption, hoarding, profiteering, adulteration or contamination of foods, the illegal business of counterfeit medicines, racism, discrimination, nepotism, exploitation of the weak, abuse and rape of women and children, sectarianism, and terrorism. Why God did not prescribe a punishment for these crimes, some of which, such as terrorism and abuse and rape of women and children, are indeed horrible?  
Is adultery (intercourse out of wedlock) such an abhorrent crime that God had to intervene personally and prescribe a punishment of 100 lashes or death by stoning, as claimed by our esteemed traditional scholars? Please study the subject of Human Reproduction and ponder. Did man choose this method of reproduction? If so, the man is indeed guilty and deserves punishment even more than 100 lashes. If not, then how can you punish the man for something he did not choose? Humans and all living things reproduce the way God selected for them. The man is not perfect. He is prone to making mistakes. God Almighty is aware of this fact. Hence, He reminds us over and over again that He is The MOST MERCIFUL and FORGIVING. However, by interpreting God’s words incorrectly, our esteemed traditional scholars depict our Creator to be the Most Unmerciful and Unforgiving.  
To catch and convict adulterers and adulteresses those responsible for law enforcement have to keep an eye on every male and female whether married or unmarried. Is this possible? Is this wise use of law enforcement resources?  
In my humble view the Quran provides us with a cure for all ills whether they are personal or social. We can easily get rid of all our social ills including lewdness and even acts of terrorism by implementing the Quranic system of Salat and Zakat. I am talking about establishing Executive, Legislative, Judicial, and Economic systems that function according to Quranic decrees. And of course we need to carry out the Soum to fight against and weed out all evils from the society. " Zubair

Comments by: Hafiz Abdullah On 06 July 2010Report Abuse
Dear all peace and mercy for you ,  
I appreciate the hard working of Dr. Qamar Zaman . I agree with his basic concept but I just humbly suggest that for authenticity of a meaning there is a need of providing reference from where we take meanings of words , without providing reference meanings are liable to be suspected , otherwise anybody can claim about some meanings of words or terms . we have to try to clarify and remove confusions , questions or suspects about our understandings . We should appreciate and be open and ready for the inspection of our understandings so our Quraanic understanding may be purified. There should be some criteria for the verification of meanings .  
thanks ,  
A humble lover of knowledge.  
God bless you all .

Comments by: Zubair On 11 July 2010
(AL IMRAN 104, The Message of THE QURAN by Muhammad Asad)  
Dear Brothers Ali, Moazzam, & Hafiz Abdullah,  
You all made some good points. Here my focus is Brother Ali’s question. This question is not hypothetical. Indeed in Western societies nobody is persecuted, imprisoned, flogged, or put to death by stoning for having sexual relations before marriage or out of wedlock. These societies may ignore those who commit adultery or have sexual relations out of wedlock. But do they approve this type of behavior? The answer is no. My answer is based on my observations and experiences while living in the USA for a long time. Many Paki journalists and politicians, who may belong to some religious parties, often paint American society to be immoral and Godless. Their opinion is based on observation of a tiny segment of the society during their short stay. They fail to shed their prejudices, venture outdoors, and take an unbiased look at the American society as a whole. Here is a glimpse of real American society and its values.  
There is only one state in America that allows prostitution legally and it does so in heavily regulated and isolated brothels. This state is Nevada. And even in Nevada prostitution is illegal outside licensed brothels. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his Police Chief Bernie Kerik earned high marks from the public for cracking down prostitution and closing the sex shops. In other states police officers not only arrest prostitutes but go after their customers as well. Anyone found soliciting for sex is booked and his vehicle confiscated. Some police officers even send pictures of arrested Johns to local TV stations and newspapers to shame them. Some officers go even further. They send letters to the spouses of arrested Johns telling them when and where their dear husbands were booked for soliciting sex from prostitutes. All this is aimed at curbing prostitution.  
Former President Bill Clinton almost got impeached for having sexual relations with an intern. Two presidential candidates Senator Gary Hart and Senator Edward dropped out of race in shame as soon as their extramarital affairs became public. One high level Air Force Officer, who had 40,000 airmen under his command, was fired from his job because he had an affair with another woman despite being married. He was also charged for using office phone for making private calls. The bill for those private calls was only $22.50. After the first WTC bombing in 1993, then FBI Director William Sessions used government money ($8000 only) to build a security fence around his residence. This improper use of government funds cost him his job. Former New York Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik is now serving a 4 years prison sentence in a jail in Maryland. He was charged for not disclosing some income on his tax return and, then lying about it to the White House when President Bush nominated him for Secretary of Homeland Security in 2004. Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s daughter Noelle Bush was arrested for possessing crack cocaine in a drug rehabilitation center in 2003. She was sentenced to spend 10 days in Jail. In 2001 President Bush’s 19 years old twine daughters Jenna and Barbara Bush were arrested for trying to buy alcohol at a restaurant in Texas. Jenna was ordered to pay fine and do 8 hours of community service as well as attend 6 hours of drink awareness classes. In USA anyone under age 21 is prohibited from buying or drinking alcohol.  
George Stephanopoulos was White House Press Secretary at the beginning of Bill Clinton’s presidency. While leaving a restaurant after dinner in Georgetown he accidently hit another car. As is the routine police officer checked his driving license and car registration and found out both had expired. This close friend of American President and top official of the White House was arrested and locked up in the police station. White House officials went to the police station and bailed him out next day. According to George he missed to renew his driving license and car registration because he was visiting foreign countries with President Clinton.  
Here police officers have the power to arrest anyone who breaks the law no matter how powerful position he or she holds. But police officers are not allowed to abuse verbally or physically anyone. Any police officer found guilty of abusing his authority not only loses his/her job but also may face long jail term. In brief nobody is considered above law in USA. If you run for a public office, then you must have a clean character. Even a tiny mistake or immoral act committed while you were in high school or college can ruin your political or professional career.  
As far as wife swapping is concerned only morally corrupt people engage in this practice. They may get some pleasure from their sinful life for a while. Eventually, they face the consequences of their immoral acts. Mother Nature has its own way of spanking people who break its laws. Those patronizing prostitutes or seeking sexual gratification outside marriage invite sexually transmitted disease including AIDS, which in most cases proves to be a death sentence. As a matter of fact people who live immoral lives play with Russian roulette.  
I want to share with you many more wonderful aspects of American society but this post is already too long. Hence, I will do so next time.  

Comments by: Mubashir Syed On 11 September 2010Report Abuse
Is society permiting sex ? Deos Quran permits it ?  
Dear Ali Haider, after understanding of Zina and Zani your thought process is absolutely appriciable. To analyse this issue we need to work from ground level. As per my understanding no perfect system is yet established in any part of the world to encounter issues over sex. People with logic analysis and guidance of Quran has to redesign the limitations keeping all aspects of life, society, aftermath, results etc.  
If we try to understand this based on current understanding and human psychology i think we will fall in a no mans land and ultimately will get in same group of people who try to proove their point.  
To understand this we need to change the entire dimension of thought process over the issue of sex.  
To start with lets analyse if sex is a natural or is it a man made pleasure ?  
Something is natural when not done human would die like breath( air ), drink (water) and eat (food). But without sex he would never die. So i personally believe that its a man made pleasure, loop holes and weakness in humans are used to exploit them. So sex is a man made pleasure which is used as an weakness to control and deviate mankind from possitive approach of life.  
Now with above discussion next doubt which might comeout is if its not natural then how can we reproduce?  
Sex is only a process of reproduction which we learned from animals. Do we really need to enjoy something to get results ? Do we really enjoy having madicine to overcome illness but yet we have it to achieve results of getting back to normal health.  
Next doubt possitives of having sex as it releases enzymes in brain which gives pleasure with this we might conclude its natural. We humans are injected with this phenomena from our childhood and have been deceived that this act will give pleasure. So this decieved brain do really release those enzymes when the act is performed. So its not natural but a decieved brain is programmed to release those enzymes when act is performed.  
Anyways we all know that this act will yeild no result other than the above discussed deceived pleasure and reproduction. So if we keep reproduction at bay then we need to think of ways with which this deception can be removed from society. Again it might look like a hercules task and not acheivable. Believing in acheiving something is half job done. And i personally believe this can be done. For example society does teach us who u can perform this act with and who you cant. And we can see the result we never think of performing this act with those who we cant perform this act. So when this can be acheived why not this same can imply for all ??  
So to end my comment the entire concept of dress code and sex are to be redesigned from ground level. No reference to any society can be given as example yet.  
You should not wear a suit and swim and you should not wear only shorts in office. Human brain can be restricted naturally not to invlove in act of sex for the sake of pleasure by society on the same lines as they teach us who you cant perform this act with. And what so ever we design it should suit both males and females. Design should not be biased for a male dominated world.  
Just 2 cents from myside please correct me if am wrong.........  

Comments by: pervez On 12 September 2010Report Abuse
Dear All,  
1. Simple answer to this question was NO.  
2. No Muslim society can pass law for such sexual freedom as depicted in the question.  
3. We should have no doubt that Quran does not allow extra marital sex which destroys family institution.  
Muslim society is expected to legislate for protection of family institution and punishment for offenders  
in this regard.

Comments by: ali.haideer On 16 September 2010Report Abuse
Pervez Sahab the answer to this question is not as simple as you think.  
If answer is no than question arises WHY??? 2 persons(gay/hetrosexuals) if they are willing to do sex than who are we to put again man made restrictions? To say sex is not necessary and you will not die w/o it etc than all those people concernhed with medical will be well known with the fact that most of the cases of psychology are arising now a days just b/c of sex deprivation and in this society it is necessary to allow this. And if 2people are doing sex in the place where no body can see them than which family institutiuon will be destroyed? and we know Quran has not given any punishment for the person who is indulge in the sex than it is up to us to decide about it, than why we are saying that Quran does not allow extra martial sex? To become mentally relax we need the provison of this thing. This issue needs logical answers. Hope I will be corrected by all of you IF I AM WRONG.

Comments by: Mubashir Syed On 18 September 2010Report Abuse
Dear Ali haideer, I agree with your concern over the issue, not all but some of your concerns are discussed under another question 'is sex natural or man made pleasure'. You are right a simple yes or no will never end this. I would like to discuss one of your concerns here.  
sex is a process only for reproduction and pleasure out of this process is man made. Mental relaxation which humans achieves is a result of deceived brain. To understand what happens when 2 people do it in a closed place we need to understand what they achieved and what they lost. Achievement is that pleasure which they get at that instance. How bout aftermaths ? Psychological impacts visible/ invisible which creep in their life and energy which is wasted to plan the entire game is no less to be ignored.  
And as discussed in other question very single issue considering sex as a natural pleasure it might be next to impossible to justify WHY'S and we end up giving statements than logic answers.  
Mubashir Syed.  

Comments by: ali.haideer On 18 September 2010Report Abuse
Dear Mubashir Syed Sahab yiou are right but the problem is to justity ourselves before any one who is discussing Islam. We say according to quran a society will not permit extra martial sex and it will not allow free sex the questiion is why???? we know there was a time in human society when it was free than society values changed and they put restrictions on it but now if our society is again changing and allowing free sex than why we raise objection on it? I have been discussing Islam with many of my friends and this is the question which puzzles me alot. I will request all of you to give a good justification why Quran is suggesting such a society???????????

Comments by: Mubashir Syed On 19 September 2010 Edit DeleteReport Abuse
Dear Ali Haideer, trust me it really is one of the greatest puzzle unless understood. Yea there must be times when it was free in society its still free in animals. Restrictions are based on ever enhancing values of humanity. Yea if we think advancement is not a criterion to be considered which is against basics of quran then whether it be free sex or nudity nothing matters.  
There are still African tribes which stay nude and am optimistic they must be considering sex as process of reproduction and not a means/need for pleasure. This doesnt mean society should permit nudity (smiley). Example of tribes is considered to evaluate enhancement of human from stone age to 21st century. Do you think we can forgo this enhancement which is against Quran and any advancing system and society for sake of free sex ?? There is no concept of free sex in any society its only that they ignore for convenience. Even if there is any society with concept of free sex then lets see the results of that ? Psychological issues, sense of insecurity, turbulence in family affairs, impact on children upbringing. And these collectively are great hindrance for human advancement.  
Please start thinking from stone age when man never used to wear cloths. Please initiate a new question "why human started wearing cloths” if you want to take discussion with views from all to enhance further.  
Not sure if i was able to justify comments........ please post back to improve my understanding or correct me......  
Mubashir Syed.  

Dr,sb. salamu alaikum Sir in your article you have given refference of an article " FOHOSH KA QURANI TASAWWUR' sir it is not available on your web site. Where we can see this? Question by: From INDIA (DELHI) On 23/06/2010
Dr shb regards you have said that zina which quran mentions is not adultery it is something else,than i wana to ask has quran mentioned any punishment for adultery??if not than what should be done wid such persons???will it be decided by the society? Question by: ali.haideer From PAKISTAN (LARKANA) On 25/06/2010
My respectable and beloved regards, Sir u said "The word ZINA actually means ..........DISTORTION OF IDEOLOGY........ Zani is the one who 'distorts' an ideology ." Kindly help me know the source/dictionary containing this meaning . Question by: Hafiz Abdullah From PAKISTAN (RAWALPINDI) On 29/06/2010
Dear Dr. saheb with regard to your interpretation of zani as "distortion of ideology", I would like to ask few questions? (I will add my questions as comments due to 250 characters limitation) Question by: Waqar On 19/08/2010
Dear Aurangzaib i have checked many dictionaries of arabic to find the meaning of zina as described by dr qamar but i have not found "the distortion of ideology" anywhere can you tell me in which authentic dictionary can i find the meaning of zina? Question by: bilal_khan5181 From PAKISTAN On 01/09/2010
In respons to objections rel to Fahshah and Zina : Question by: bob From UNITED KINGDOM On 09/09/2010
is article main aap ne Mayata ka matlab 100 nahin balke bohtat kia hai to agli ayaat main samanian ka matlab 80 ho ga ya kuch aur. Question by: Shehwar Ahmad From PAKISTAN (KARACHI) On 29/11/2010
Aastana teem ! Refer to ZINA QURA'N KI NAZAR MAIN, what about the unmarried couple, who enjoys sex with mutual consent, even they violate the society's law. Question by: naeem sheikh From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) On 03/01/2011
Ok i believe tht zina means badkirdar n badkirdar doesnt means adulterer but simply one who twist Allah's laws or try to add sumthng new in it, thn is adulterer mentioned anywhere in quran n if in quran thn WHERE?i simply cnt believe tht Allah didnt Question by: AreebaImran From PAKISTAN (KARACHI) On 16/01/2011
Not a question but seeking comments, a worth read by Ahmed Mansour of Two different versions of Islam. Click Question by: Mubashir From CANADA On 16/01/2011
Assalam o Alaikum Everyone, I like to know if 'zina' means distortation of the Islamic ideology, what is the postiion of out-of-wedlock sex, and homosexuality in the Islamic states? So far I agree everything has been discussed in this blog though. Question by: tahirbhai2000 From UNITED STATES On 17/01/2011
Astana teem! The verse 24/2-3 has been explained in the article "ZINA QURAAN KI NAZAR MAIN",where MIATA is not taken as a count 100,rather abundant in quantity. Kindly explain the verse24/4 where TAMANEENA jalda has been mentioned is it a count ? Question by: naeem sheikh From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) On 19/01/2011
Why is there no punishment for rape ? Question by: Rafi From PAKISTAN (KARACHI) On 01/02/2011
SHAADI k bina mard aur aurat k "JISMAANI TA'LUQ" k bare men QURAN khamosh hae . To phir kia aisa krna JAYZ hae ? Question by: Dr. Iqbal On 18/04/2011
is there any punishment for keeping extramarital affairs in Islam? Question by: abidi32 From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) On 29/06/2012
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