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Translation Status
1-7 الفَاتِحَة -1
1-286 البَقَرَة -2
1-200 آل عِمرَان -3
1-176 النِّسَاء -4
1-120 المَائدة -5
1-165 الاٴنعَام -6
1-206 الاٴعرَاف -7
1-75 الاٴنفَال -8
1-129 التّوبَة -9
1-109 یُونس -10
1-123 هُود -11
1-111 یُوسُف -12
1-43 الرّعد -13
1-52 إبراهیم -14
1-99 الحِجر -15
1-128 النّحل -16
1-111 بنیٓ اسرآئیل / الإسرَاء -17
1-110 الکهف -18
1-98 مَریَم -19
1-135 طٰه -20
1-112 الاٴنبیَاء -21
1-78 الحَجّ -22
1-118 المؤمنون -23
1-64 النُّور -24
1-77 الفُرقان -25
1-227 الشُّعَرَاء -26
1-93 النَّمل -27
1-88 القَصَص -28
1-69 العَنکبوت -29
1-60 الرُّوم -30
1-34 لقمَان -31
1-30 السَّجدَة -32
1-73 الاٴحزَاب -33
1-54 سَبَإ -34
1-45 فَاطِر -35
1-83 یسٓ -36
1-182 الصَّافات -37
1-88 صٓ -38
1-75 الزُّمَر -39
1-85 المؤمن / غَافر -40
1-54 حٰمٓ السجدة / فُصّلَت -41
1-54 القَمَر -54
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Dear Sir,  
Please elaborate the story described in verse No.27 to 31 of sura Al-Maeda.
Add Your Comments  Question by: M ASLAM On 27 October 2011
Comments by: moazzam On 28 October 2011 Edit Delete
Dear Aslam: To understand the story written in verses 5/27-31, read the story written in verses 18/32-44 while keeping in mind my answer to your query related to verse 3/183. Then find out the sense of the terms QATAL,QURBAAN, soata akhi, Ghuraab.  
بِقُرْبَانٍ = the custom/way of life which causes to become favorite of Allah(Muqarribeen) = verses 18/37-41  
Qatal alakhi = verse 18/34 فَقَالَ لِصَاحِبِهِ وَهُوَ يُحَاوِرُهُ أَنَا أَكْثَرُ مِنكَ مَالاً وَأَعَزُّ نَفَرًا(humiliation)

AOA sir aap ka andaz/tafheem deegar scholar se kafi mukhtalif hae. Issi tarah har scholar ki tafheem aik dusre se nahen milti, halan keh un ki naik ne-ati pe shak b nahen kia ja sakta. Kia practicaly Quran aik mubham se kitab hae? Question by: Dr. Iqbal On 24/09/2010
kindly let me know about the (30 parah) of quran... does it not look like STRANGE??? have the real continued meaning and understanding of Quran been scattered in such way??? Question by: Saad Haider On 08/10/2010
May we cause peace for the HUMANITY. Please describe SEHER ( JADOO) according to Qur'an, and what about TELEPATHY AND HYPNOTISM, are these the branches of it ? Question by: hameedkhattak From PAKISTAN (PESHAWER) On 27/12/2010
Salam. Islam being not a Mazhab but rather an ideal way of life as Qur'an describes for all the humanity, why after once it was established by the prophet at that time, the beneficiaries of it replaced it with a problematic and persecuting religion Question by: hameedkhattak From PAKISTAN (PESHAWER) On 27/12/2010
What is the fundamental subject matter encompassed in the Quran? What is the purpose of the contents of the Quran, why do we need this recommendation? To evolve from homo's to higher levels? why is it beneficial to follow such a criterion? Question by: Nargis2 From TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO (TOMBACCO) On 02/04/2011
Dear participants I wonder if there are any special requirements that the addressees of the Qur'an must undergo before they are mentally shaped to understand its content. Question by: bob From UNITED KINGDOM On 08/05/2011
Dear All, If there is no predestined happening on earth then my question, Is God knows future events?. Wassalam Question by: Saeed From PAKISTAN (KARACHI(MSAEEDTAJ@GMAIL.COM)) On 14/06/2011
45:26 Say, "It is God Who gives you life, and then causes you to die. And He will gather all of you together on the Resurrection Day, the advent of which is beyond doubt.” But most people do not know Isnt this ayah talks about life after death. Question by: Saeed From PAKISTAN (KARACHI(MSAEEDTAJ@GMAIL.COM)) On 16/06/2011
Kya Quran waaqai aik Divine book hai jo supernatural tareeqe se hum tak pohanchi hai? (Mazeed tafseel neeche mulahiza farmaiye) Question by: Modudi From AFGHANISTAN (KANDHAR) On 01/07/2011
Dear Brother Moazzam and Senior Members Please enlist the orthodox v/s aastana termonologies in order to understand message of Quran. Question by: Saeed From PAKISTAN (KARACHI(MSAEEDTAJ@GMAIL.COM)) On 25/07/2011
One hadith lover presented the difference of opinion over salat and salat timings among Qur'an only scholars. Can anybody suggest how best to respond to them? They wonder who to follow if not hadith/sunnah? Question by: Mubashir From CANADA On 26/07/2011
Brother Moazzam! Regards. Please enlighten us about MUBAHILAH mentioned in verse 3:61. Is cursing (laanat karna) is allowed in islam. Question by: naeem sheikh From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) On 29/07/2011
4:164 Messengers we have told you about, and messengers we never told you about. And GOD spoke to Moses directly. What does it means that GOD spoke to Moses directly. Question by: Saeed From PAKISTAN (KARACHI(MSAEEDTAJ@GMAIL.COM)) On 30/07/2011
Dear members In some western countries homosexual marriage is allowed and become legal. Should this allowed by a government base on Quranic principles, if ever exist in future. Question by: Saeed From PAKISTAN (KARACHI(MSAEEDTAJ@GMAIL.COM)) On 07/08/2011
Dear Dr.Qamar and members. What are the root letters of word يُوقِنُونَ and تُوقِنُونَ Also why Allah has asked us to beleive on بِالْآخِرَةِ in 2/4? Just beleiving is enough to bring peace? Question by: waseemameer From AUSTRALIA (SYDNEY) On 08/08/2011
Dear friends, I do not understand why gender is emphasized in witness stuff, what if the witness is "neuter"? and who is "first" witness and who is "second" witness, how did the Quran define the difference? Can't the same situation happen with men? Question by: Nargis From BARBADOS (KIO BATAO?) On 31/08/2011
Please elaborate the meaning of 4:11 Do you think that it is about inheritage? Question by: Dr Shiraz From NORWAY (OSLO) On 31/08/2011
4:22 ,Why is marriage withالنِّسَاءِ of آبَاؤُكُمْ called فَاحِشَةً وَمَقْتًا وَسَاء سَبِيلاً Question by: Nargis From BARBADOS (KIO BATAO?) On 24/09/2011
Dear Sir, Please explain the meanings of 11/82-83 ,wherein "Azzab-e-Qoum-e-loot " is mentioned.Whether innoscent children & women were also destroyed in Azzab? What means "mmussawatan inda Rabbeka wa ma hiea minazzalimina bebaeed"? (11/83) Question by: M Aslam From PAKISTAN (GOJRA) On 26/09/2011
Is there linguistic principle to understand the meaning of word that appearently do not seem to be based upon arabic roots? Thinking of "daraahim" in vers 12:20 even though there are more such words. Thanks. Question by: Dr Shiraz From NORWAY (OSLO) On 30/09/2011
Dear sir , Please direct me towards some links , where from I can get meanings of whole Sura No.12 ( Yousf ). Question by: M Aslam From PAKISTAN (GOJRA) On 30/09/2011
Dear Sir, It is being said that,"The Quran is a book for human rights"; Please quote any verse from Quran in support of this version. Question by: M Aslam From PAKISTAN (GOJRA) On 22/10/2011
Dear Sir, Please explain meanings of 3/183 , where in it has been mentioned that , "we should not believe in any Messenger unless he shows us a " Qurbani" eaten by fire." Question by: M Aslam From PAKISTAN (GOJRA) On 27/10/2011
What sort of things can help us understand the quran? Question by: Mughal1 From UNITED KINGDOM On 02/01/2012
salam to all.. quran mai btaya gya hai isko samjhna aasan hai. bt hm dekhte hai ki quran mai majazi meanings zyada liy jate hai. esa ku? aasan tehreer to low I.Q.wale insaan ki samjh mai bhi aajane chahiyen. Question by: sara fatima From INDIA (SAHARANPUR) On 30/10/2012
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