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Translation Status
1-7 الفَاتِحَة -1
1-286 البَقَرَة -2
1-200 آل عِمرَان -3
1-176 النِّسَاء -4
1-120 المَائدة -5
1-165 الاٴنعَام -6
1-206 الاٴعرَاف -7
1-75 الاٴنفَال -8
1-129 التّوبَة -9
1-109 یُونس -10
1-123 هُود -11
1-111 یُوسُف -12
1-43 الرّعد -13
1-52 إبراهیم -14
1-99 الحِجر -15
1-128 النّحل -16
1-111 بنیٓ اسرآئیل / الإسرَاء -17
1-110 الکهف -18
1-98 مَریَم -19
1-135 طٰه -20
1-112 الاٴنبیَاء -21
1-78 الحَجّ -22
1-118 المؤمنون -23
1-64 النُّور -24
1-77 الفُرقان -25
1-227 الشُّعَرَاء -26
1-93 النَّمل -27
1-88 القَصَص -28
1-69 العَنکبوت -29
1-60 الرُّوم -30
1-34 لقمَان -31
1-30 السَّجدَة -32
1-73 الاٴحزَاب -33
1-54 سَبَإ -34
1-45 فَاطِر -35
1-83 یسٓ -36
1-182 الصَّافات -37
1-88 صٓ -38
1-75 الزُّمَر -39
1-85 المؤمن / غَافر -40
1-54 حٰمٓ السجدة / فُصّلَت -41
1-54 القَمَر -54
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English Translation of 'Haqiqat e Hadith' is now available for downloading.  
Add Your Comments  Question by: ADNAN On 10 June 2011
Comments by: abdullahbashoeb On 10 June 2011
It is great effort by Aastana Family Thank you and Congratulation. And Same time Iam expecting Most respected Br Dr Qamar Zamans from Sura Baqara 189 to- Very soon. And it is no doubt his understanding is perfectly near to what actualy should be. alhamadulillah.

Comments by: Dr. Qamar Zaman On 10 June 2011
Dear Abdullahbashoeb, Assalamoalaik,  
Thank you very much for your apreciation . your comments mean alot to us. Let me tell you and all Aastana members that this effort of translation is scrutinised by members of scrutinising committee, and then it is put on  
The most senior member of the committee is Ch Mohammad Saeed and other members are Mr M Anwar , Mr Rafique, Mr Tufail Dar, Mr M Cheema, Mr Mukhtar and his son Mr Abdullah Malik ,Dr Shahid Latif and Khalid Butt.The members never wanted their names to be displayed, but I thought that the effort put by them should be known to our Aastana members .  
The translation work is purely of the translaters. Mr Aurangzeb has put his effort in translating Haqeeqat-e -Hadees. I whole heartedly thank him for the beautiful job well done .  
Dr. Qamar Zaman

Comments by: abdullahbashoeb On 12 June 2011
I have nothing to say for you peoples tremendous contribution to bring humanity in to the light from darkness except  
that reminds me one verse that is  
وَمَا أَسْأَلُكُمْ عَلَيْهِ مِنْ أَجْرٍ إِنْ أَجْرِيَ إِلَّا عَلَى رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ  
And same time we all appreciate for special contribution from Most Respsected Br AurangZaib for translating precicious writings of Br Dr Qamar Zaman this will more beneficial for people wo do not read and understand urdu.  
and thanks and appreciations for Brothers Ch Mohammad Saeed ,Mr M Anwar , Mr Rafique, Mr Tufail Dar, Mr M Cheema, Mr Mukhtar,Mr Abdullah Malik ,Dr Shahid Latif and Khalid Butt. for their precious contributions. Alhamdulillah.  
Abdullah Bashoeb  
Abdullah Bashoeb.  

Comments by: Mubashir Syed On 12 June 2011Report Abuse
Dear Abdullah Bashoeb, i agree with you. And thanks to Dr QZ for letting us know few other people who are supportive to this gigantic effort. This inforamation filled the vacuum which i was feeling since last few days.  
Note : Itne bazu Itne sar ginle duniya dhyaan se, haare ga woh har bazi jab KHELE HUM JEE JAAN SE.....  
Mubashir Syed.

Comments by: abdullahbashoeb On 13 June 2011 Edit Delete
Respected Members of this wonderfull Aastana site. I use to send seeveral people precious discussion of this site, recently i have received some comments from Mr. Yb.  
Dear Abdallah,  
Many thanks for forwarding to me this wonderful booklet of 53 pages. I don't think anything is left incomplete after this fabulous narration. And by the way the English translation by Aurangazeb is simply GREAT..  
Best regards,  

Was Muhammad (pbuh) given revelation more than the Quran (surah:shura:51-52) (surah Al-Nisaa:163) ? Question by: Hafiz Abdullah From PAKISTAN (RAWALPINDI) On 06/03/2010
was zaid adopted son of muhammad(s)? did muhammad(s) really married zainab,his adopted son's wife?also cite the reference of FABRICATED HADITH that say zainab was changing clothes and muhammad(s) saw her and fell in love with her Question by: bilal_khan5181 From PAKISTAN On 12/07/2010
I have heard some Mullah that hadith was not written 250 year after the demise of prophet.but hadith were there even 100 years before it right?i think there is something wrong. Question by: bilal_khan5181 From PAKISTAN On 23/08/2010
Dear dr qamar sahib and brother aurangzaib what is the reality of SAHIFA e SADIQA of omer bin al'as by which the hadith lovers prove that hadith writing was started in the life time of the prophet muhammd? Question by: bilal_khan5181 From PAKISTAN On 29/09/2010
99 names of Allah ? we need 3 moore, coz look at the Zorostrians :-O Question by: bob From UNITED KINGDOM On 02/10/2010
How valid are Hadith and do they contradict the Quran? Question by: William From UNITED KINGDOM On 07/12/2010
It just Resemble "Muqaam-e-Hadees" of Mr.Perwaiz. Any how partially good effort. My observations:- Mr.Ameen Hassan was follower of Mr.Maududi, Goth Machi resolution separated them both have same thoughts. MuqaameHadees" should have not been refered. Question by: M.N.Khalid From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) On 08/12/2010
I want to know what efforts are being taken by the real scholars of Al-Quran ,to enforce the teachings of Allah's kalam in the 'Madarsa'? How can we make the students of madarsa, to know the reality of 'Muqame Hadith' in Islamic literature? Question by: shakir azim On 11/12/2010
Dear Dr. Sb. As salam. Sir I know the concept of Atiullah wa atiur-raool but. dr. sb quran ki rooh se koi aisi majboot daleel dijiye jisse bat nikhar ke samne aa jaye aur ham Tableeg kar sake. Question by: On 10/02/2011,Meri bat ahle-e-hadis walo se chal rahi hai. wo kahte hai ki " Tumhari Biwi aur tumme hamne(Allah)ne rahmat dal di: 64/14 " Tumahrai baaz biwi tumhari dushman hai" 30/21 . ye tazad mitaye pls. Fahem se nahi quran ki aayat se. Question by: On 10/02/2011
A.O.A: I want to ask question that if we reject the mojzat than how will we admit that a person who is claming to become a nabi is actually a nabi? Question by: ali.haideer From PAKISTAN (LARKANA) On 05/03/2011
Assalam, I would like to know if Bukhori's and the rest are not reliable, then which sayings of Muhammad (SAW) can we rely? Muhammad (SAW) sure gave his speech everyday here and there and a lot of people heard and recorded it somehow. Question by: Yaid From MALAYSIA (KUALA LUMPUR) On 20/07/2013
soore mursalat me shuruki ayat me peghame tarseel ka zikr hai. so agar mursalt ka matlab pegham rasani hoga to telecommucation bhi to uski ek shakal he jo electromagnetic waves ke anjam pa raha he .to kya aj allah ka wada savh nahi hua ? Question by: mohd yahya From INDIA (BHOPAL) On 01/11/2013
salam every one can some one tell me who these Mullahs are?( aastana the conspiracy) they call us atheists. DO they know the meaning of atheist ? Question by: kanju swat From UNITED KINGDOM (LONDON) On 23/02/2016
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