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Dr. Sb. plz... plz ... plz reply soon to YOUNUS SHAHEED... regerding SOAM... it is much needed. please. it does dare your competence and authenticity.....
Add Your Comments  Question by: DR. SAMREEN MOHSIN On 07 August 2010
Comments by: Dr. Samreen Mohsin On 10 August 2010Report Abuse
Waiting sir......kindly reply.

Comments by: aurangzaib On 12 August 2010Report Abuse
Dear Dr. Samreen,  
Bhai Younus Shaheed's outburst about SOUM falls under the category of 'cheap polemics' or 'baseless expostulation' designed for the purpose of sophistry.  
We have deliberately asked Dr. Sahib not to indulge in answering such sub-standard rhetoric and travesty which is based in "Mullaism". About 80% of the remarks and dialogues in that Article are 'totally irrelevant', writer's personal opinions, and are written with the purpose of slander and abuse.  
Writings that are based on bla....bla....bla..... and are bereft of intellectual perspective are exercises in frivolities and must be ignored in order to save much precious time and energy.  
In favour of Haqiqat-e-Soum, Dr. Qamar's replies to Mr. Ansari of Karachi are enough of a Scholarly rebuttal for all the opposing individuals or groups. Those replies sufficiently dispose of the points very ambiguously and thoughtlessly raised by Bhai Yunus Shaheed.  
Please also study very minutely the following link on SIAAM:  
You would discover that there are other Scholars who are of the same view about SIAAM as Dr. Sahib is.  
God bless you.

Comments by: aurangzaib On 13 August 2010Report Abuse
Dear Dr. Samreen,  
Further to my above comment, I attach herewith what Dr. Qamar Zaman had written concerning brother Younus Shaheed's article :'  
" " " I don’t like to write on those articles which are full of allegation without any substantial support either with logic or with reasons and arguments Arabic Grammar or Lexicon.  
However as my readers are involved so I will take up but with a very brief and to the point answers.  
First thing I have never claimed for myself to be a knowledgeable person knowing everything. Myself and my friends are going through learning phase and it never ends till death. Every person learns something new everyday and changes himself accordingly . But changing or going in reverse gear is not learning.  
The base of objections is the word صوم. In his opinion The word صوم does not give the sense of صیا م and he gives example of another root letter قوم and says قوم does not mean قیا م and hence صوم and صیا م can not be taken as one .  
The root letters صوم has و in the middle and is called اجوف,  
گردان (declension ) of ص و م ، ق و م ، is as follows  
صام ، یصوم ، صوما و صیاما  
قام ، یقوم ، قوما و قیاما  
So you can see if a root letter is used as مصدر ( Noun of action) then it has its basic meanings.But if it is used as اسم (Noun ) then it has its meanings derived from the usage. The derived meanings have different  
meanings according to the situation in the sentence but derived meanings should never loose or change the basic inherent meaning of the مصدر (noun of action )  
Let me make it even more clearer by giving examples from English . I drive a car . I know driving In first sentence “drive” is used as verb But in second sentence “driving “ is used as noun of action.  
So if a root letter is used as مصدر ( Noun of action) then it will have its basic meaning As you can observe in declension that both صوم and صیام are مصدر and hence convey the same meaning .  
Same is the application of قوم and قیام both the مصادر gives the same meanings but if used as noun will have different meanings. You may confirm the meanings of مصدر of root letters ق و م  
and you will find the meanings of noun of action ( مصدر معنی قوما and قیاما are same). But if it is used as noun the meaning of قوم is nation and قیاما means to take a stand ,  
Same is the case with صوم and صیام If used as مصدر the meaning of both will be same." " "  
Date : 7/9/2010  

Comments by: Dr. Qamar Zaman On 18 August 2010
The article by Mr Shaheed comprises of two parts . First part cocerns me so I will try to justify my writings . Second part is about some person whose name is kept in secret . so I am not supposed to justify his writing and defend him .  
But one thing is very clear that so many of his friends have accepted my view in spite of his best effort by using foul language . Let me quote his confession ,  
افسوس ہے کہ میرے دوستوں کی عقل کو کیا ہو گیا ہے  
This sentence is enough to prove his helplessness and that he could not convince even his closest friend on his orthodox Hadeesi views .  
As Mr Aurangzeb has mentioned , the letter of Mr Shaheed is full of personal abuses giving an impression that I know nothing .  
Well this is true . I have never claimed that I know everything .  
Most of the time criticism has not indicated the faults , rather it is personal .  
I have presented the understanding of Quran on the basis of Human Rights and not Rituals and Faiths ,so for those who are believers of rituals and faiths , it is very difficult to digest the understanding of Quran on human rights basis even if they call themselves Qurani. And it is but natural . The teaching engraved in our minds for 1200 years can’t be erased overnight .  
Let me put Mr Shaheed’s letter systematically, keeping his serial numbers , ignoring personal abuses and comments.  
1, صام یصوم صیاماّ و صوماّ .  
This point has already been discussed in detail in Blog .But Iwill try to copy here .  
2, لعلّ  
Discussing the verse 183 he has emphasized that I have taken the meanings of لعلّ in definite terms . I think he has misunderstood the point . If he kindly quote the exact sentence and page of the book so that I will be able to clearify it in a better way .  
3, ایّاماّ معدودات  
Mr Shaheed thinks that the basic root letters of معدودات is ع د د with zer ( زیر) under ع Which means to count or counting . But ُ ( پیش ) pesh overع means to prepare , to make ready , to equip. ( Arabic –English Dictionary . by F .Steingass Published in عر Pakistan by Sang-e- Meel Publications ) See page 676 .See also قاموس الوحید page 1053 column 3 first line  
تیاری ، تیار کرد ہ چیز وقت ضرورت کے لئے  
Another thing to understand is that when a word is used as a terminology it can not be translated , rather it gives its terminological meanings e.g. “Black Box “ is a term used for the recording device placed in airplanes.It can not be translated in urdu as کالا ڈبہ .  
Hence ایاما معدودات can not be translated as it is a terminology which I have explained in detail in the booklet .  
This has already been discussed while giving answers to Mr Ansari .  
4, Mr Shaheed has misunderstood hypocrisy ( فی قلوبہم مرض ) , he has taken hypocrisy equivalent to mistakes due to misunderstanding or undereducation . the low literacy rate in a nation is probably a bigger disease than the body ailments .  
5, Uunder the heading متقی کون ہوتا ہے he writes about verse 177 of sura 2  
القصاص ،الوصیہ ،القتال ،نکاح و طلاق ، والدین پر احسان اور بہت سارے احکامات سےخاموش  
ہے ۔موصوف مذکورہ احکام کے اوپر عمل کئے بغیر اس آیت سے تقوی کی تکمیل کیسے ثابت کرتے ہیں ۔  
Mr Shaheed has totally taken the interpretation out of context .  
The topic is صوم . hence only relevant verses are quoted . If the topic was تقوی I would have quoted all the relevant verses .  
6, Mr Shaheed has become very personal by saying  
بات کرتا ہوں ۔"To the point " موصوف بڑے طمطراق اور متکبرانہ لہجے میں اعلان کرتے ہیں کہ میں  
I don’t understand whether to take it as complement or my weakness .  
Well ,  
YES . I am always brief and to the point , those who know me either directly or through Aastana know that I am always brief and to the point , listen to the criticism ,negative or positive coolly and never retaliate and try to avoid answering questions meant for mud slinging on myself or others .  
7, He says مصنف کا تحریری سقم اتنا زیادہ ہے کہ سادہ سی بات کو الجھا دیا ہے  
Well this is his opinion . His very close friends have understood the subject from the very booklet . He himself has confessed that . He has not understood the meaning of شھر .  
I can’t make a person understand forcibly if he does not want to understand .If Mr Shaheed can explain “الدین القیم “ in verse 36 of sura 9 keeping his interpretation of “ شھر “ . Other than the interpretations available in Tafaseers etc .the matter might be solved .  
8, There is nothing to comment under this number because after quoting sentences from different pages he finally says How لیلت الصیام could be اقدار کی اندھیری رات  
The word احل which is a word in passive voice . Subjective person in a passive voice sentence is always to be deduced from the context .but he is adamant to keep God in nominative ( subject ) case in the verse . He is free to do whatever he likes but its not going to do any good to humanity How is it possible for God to create confusion by allowing some kind of act to continue which he himself is accepting as خیانت (treachery or embezzlement ).This is not a divine order but misinterpretations from the concocted stories of Hadees .  
9, Mr Shaheed is not ready to accept النساء as weak persons of the society . I have given examples from Quran . He should negate those arguments by presenting his counter claims . It is so easy to say  
YOU ARE WRONG . But to prove it by arguments is very difficult .  
10, Mr Shaheed is not ready to accept با شرو ھن means to meet or to give good news .He is adamant that it is only for sexual mating . The basic meaning of ب ش ر is  
1, to peel ,pare or shave as to render the skin bare .  
2 Bring GOOD news report receive .  
3, to mate  
From Arabic –English Dictionary by F Steingass .  
Let me quote from ( قامو س الوحید )  
خوش ہونا خند ہ پیشانی سے ملنا ۔ کھال چھیلنا
These are the basic meanings of the root letters ب ش ر  
Now let me quote قاموس الوحید for the use of this word in باب مفاءلہ . On page 167 column 1 the word given is "با شر" from باب مفاعلہ and meanings is not limited to sexual intercourse but includes to work by oneself , to do something directly , to become busy , to combine one thing with another .  
The most authentic dictionary in the Arab world " المنجد " gives the meaning used in Arabic literature ,and it gives six meanings on page 38 of 29th edition in column 3 under the usage . It gives all the usage of this root letters in different ابواب including the word باشر and تبا شروا.  
It writes با شرہ النعیم : فاض علیہ حتی کانہ مس بشرتہ :  
کسی پرخوشحالی کا اثر ہونا  
تباشروا بالامر : بشر بعضھم بعضا بہ :  
ایک دوسرے کو خوشخبری سنانا ۔  
Now there should be no doubt in the minds of the reader that what we have translated in our booklet is in no way against the grammar or the authentic meanings from the lexicon.  
All Arabic channels while telecasting “live “ programs display in a corner " مباشرۃ " . what does that mean ? It does not give any impression of sexual intercourse . It means a live or direct telecast .  
11, Tthe whole passage is a mess full of confusion .what does he want to say ?  
Let me quote what I have said that God can not allow corruption . If he knew that people are corrupting his commands  
( علم اللہ انکم کنتم تختانون انفسکم ) then how could he allow that corruption to continue ( فالان باعروھن ) . If someone has understood his point ,please do let me know .  
12, It is again repetition of the same word باشرو which I have already discussed answering the question 10 .  
13, Yes there is a mistake تلک is not اشارہ قریب . but the ultimate understanding of the verse remains the same .  
This is his masterpiece. The perfect laughing stock , and the most ridiculous interpretations of all times .He says ,  
یہاں صوم کا معنی روزہ نہیں ہے ۔ یہ تو مریم اپنے ہونے والے بچے کو صوما کہ رہی ہیں ۔  
(کہ میں یہ رحمان کے لئے وقف کرتی ہوں ( پیت میں رکا ہوا بچہ  
I don’t like to comment on this interpretation, do you think a صوم is a foetus in a pregnant mothers womb . Its you to decide not me .  

Comments by: Dr. Samreen Mohsin On 18 August 2010Report Abuse
Sir, i have no word to thank you.... it has been great to read your reply... thank you very very much.  

Comments by: Dr. Samreen Mohsin On 19 August 2010 Edit DeleteReport Abuse
Dear Adnan, please put above reply by Dr. sb. on your front page in URDU... as Ansari, Farooqis' objections..... this reply will be the LAST to shut all opposer's' views... please do it.

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