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Mission & Vision

Aastana is neither a religious sect nor a faith group with rigid dogmas or fixed set of convictions. It is an institution that heralds the message of peace. It invites people from all over the globe to join and support the development and dissemination of human oriented visions and concepts enshrined in the permanent universal values, principles and ideals that form the collective human heritage - those which are shared by all societies through their Divine Scriptures.

In pursuance of its targets, the main focus of attention by Aastana revolves around, but is not limited to, intensive research into and exploration of the hidden realities behind the Quranic injunctions. Aastana upholds Quran as a book of Peace & Human Rights. It does not go along with its traditional translations/interpretations which it regards as in gross violation of Arabic syntax and semantics, and which reflect a false aura of myth, mystery and ill-logic. These translations have since long been ascertained as systematic, deliberate fabrications by vested interests which serve to misguide people by offering an often disintegrated narration of bogus episodes that stands absolutely devoid of the genuine core message Quran was destined to convey. They lack proper contextual continuity, consistency, coherence and rationality. Contrary to Quran's claims of doubtless integrity, human equality, sociological equilibrium and pluralism, these fake translations/interpretations paint a gloomy picture of ambiguity, contradiction, class discrimination, prejudice and extremism.

Aastana's modus operandi in this respect has not been to highlight one particular intellectual wrestler and to gather many spectators just clapping and offering lavish praises. Aastana's function was conceived to be identical to a goad-fly that was historically played by Socrates. Socratic Method was dragging people out of their comfort zones or tunnel visions of thought through inviting them to explain their terms or viewpoints. Originally, it was a mystical method to bring people out of their mechanical responses by setting a different trap of stimulus for them so that they could behave differently and what they learn should remain permanently with them; for the learning they offered was shock learning. Aastana's concepts too are often revolutionary, shocking and thought provoking. Their bold research shatters all traditional barriers or shackles of the past, recognizes no limitation or restriction and transcends all borderlines in quest of the ultimate truth. By not insisting upon their finality, Aastana manages to hold free debates on those concepts with a view to arrive finally at collective, consensual conclusions. In its peculiar way, Aastana stands out as an academy of learning and intellectual evolution.

Aastana never claims that it knows what there was to be discovered and apprehended; and it is not its policy to become obstinately immoveable upon issues of common interest or collective concerns. Aastana regards that kind of behavior as Mulla-ism. Aastana always believes in friendly exchange of views and ideas that might open up some new vistas of thought, some un-explored angles of the crucial issues of divine injunctions or Islamic jurisprudence under discussion. Aastana believes that disagreement is the sign of hope that people are thinking. It wants a running brook of thought not a stagnant and dead pool of smelly water.

A visitor at Aastana.com won't find ego-strutting and point-scoring, but a genuine zest for knowing will be clearly visible. In its universal perspective, Aastana doesn't believe in holistically attaching itself to any one faith at the cost of all others! All faiths are ours. We are heirs to the greatest spiritual heritage of love every human being is blessed with. We are heirs to the greatest inherent desire of peace and security that every human being yearns to usher in for the sake of his beloved ones and his coming generations. There is no one singular package of salvation!

Quran was presented to the humanity with the sole aim of building the noblest of human characters upon which was to rest the evolution of a peaceful, benevolent and welfare oriented society – a progressive civilization that guaranteed basic human rights and freedom of thought, speech and action. It provided a basic code of ethics and morals for that great cause. However, under the rule of Arab tyrants of Banu Umayyad and Banu Abbas, it was soon to become a book of futile rituals of worship, miracles, magic and super-natural creatures like Jinn, Malaaika (angels), Shayitaan (the Lucifer), etc. It was corrupted so as to be misconceived as a source of violence, hatred and monopoly on righteousness, the concepts that have persisted in varying degrees to this day. It was misused to delegitimize and dehumanize all those who were alien to this faith. Its text was mistranslated and misconstrued on a scale that the entire Government machinery of the time was mobilized to twist, manipulate and misrepresent its essence.

This great conspiracy was to exercise a most potent influence on Muslim mind. The nobility of the character was soon lost. The gloom of darkness took over and the enlightenment spread by the Divine Scripture receded into the shadows of obscurity and oblivion. That was obviously the way the Muslim tyrant rulers wanted it to be. Had Quran's genuine face remained intact, they could not have ruled by personal decree, usurped human rights, built luxurious palaces, amassed boundless wealth and kept armies of slaves and countless concubines. History holds it that the overwhelming majority of well-to-do Muslims of the past thirteen centuries were cursed with the vice of polygamy and, over and above that, owned captive slave girls to satisfy their lusts and perversions. They deemed it fair under the corrupted Muslim religious doctrine. This debauchery was not only practiced openly, but was consecrated by way of ascribing similar debauchery to the august person of our Lord Prophet Mohammad pbuh through the medium of fabricated Ahadith.

Aastana is doing its little bit in dragging orthodox Muslims out of the mazy realms of myth and fantasy; dogmas and cults; rituals, prayers and chantings, and suggesting an intellectual approach towards rationalistic enlightenment. Books and articles on diverse core issues of fundamental beliefs are published and uploaded on the web. Holding of open discussions are a continuous process. It has also embarked upon the most crucial project of a new, most rational, comprehensive Quranic translation. This translation is undertaken as a team-work under the able guidance and supervision of Dr. Qamar Zaman. Help from linguistics experts of high standing and most authentic Arabic lexicons is available. The translation is based solely on Arabic syntax and semantics, symbolized in strict adherence to the rules of language and grammar. It is a straightforward translation without resorting to outer or extra-Quranic concepts or source material, aiming at ultimate observance of purity and originality of what it represents. Utmost precaution, vigilance and a multiple check and evaluation system is strictly followed. Our destination is to enable the Muslim mind to regain their self esteem and to infuse a creative confidence in them by exposing the genuine benevolent character of their Divine scripture.

The efforts and the literature produced by Aastana may hopefully serve to eliminate the sentiments of hatred and confrontation embodied in the monster of Islamophobia that is on the prowl across the lands licking its lips. Aastana hopes that sands of time may soon obliterate the dangers looming over the human race in the name of Clash of Civilizations, fanatic calls for an Armageddon, and the haughty declaration of the Axis of Evil. It hopes that the hegemonic designs of world's super power may soon be effectively resisted internally by its own sane intelligentsia and the common peace loving public, who may rise to protest against and block their elite's evil plans. Aastana condemns the present Machiavellian politics of "means are justified by the ends achieved". It condemns the most heinous crimes being committed against humanity in the name of "national interest". Alleviation of human sufferings must be the top priority and the prime target to be achieved.

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