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May, 2015
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Salam every one , i have asked some questions,about the (aim of the Quran,) but yet no reply, i think our questions should be straight up on the Blog so if DR sab have no time some one else would have, to answer, am i wrong? By: KANJU SWAT From UNITED KINGDOM (LONDON) on 24/05/2015
»» Haqooq e Niswan (Gawahi)

People says you have to be alim to understand Quran , but i diss agree , its very simple to understand , why these mullahs don't think (they can't even understand the meaning of the (TO IZO MAN TA SHA WA...) what you think? By: KANJU SWAT From UNITED KINGDOM (LONDON) on 23/05/2015
»» Objections

sALAAM, my name is jamshaid and i am from USA, my question is for brother Mughal1, sir i have been reading your quran translation, is there any way to buy it or download it,please help, thanks. By: JAMSHAID From UNITED STATES (SPRINGDALE) on 22/05/2015
»» Haqooq e Niswan (Gawahi)

sura al dhuha mey k ...ama be niyamte ka fa hadas... .. so aap apne rab ki niyamt ko agey biyan kurey,,,, yeh hi hadees ki soorat hey aor hadees ki qurani asal hey,, jis ki base pr ahdees biyan ki jati hey .... kia realy es ki trnslation yeh hey? By: DR SHAHID CHAUDHARY From SAUDI ARABIA (QASEEM) on 18/05/2015
»» Haqooq e Niswan (Gawahi)

as slaam alikum kala jadu se bachne kisi aamil ki madad ya kisi aur madad ki zarurath me By: MOHAMMED From SAUDI ARABIA (JEDDAH) on 13/05/2015
»» Haqiqat e Soam

6:164قُلْ أغير ألله...........................................................تحتلفون By: SAIDALAVI ANSARI From INDIA (KERALA) on 11/05/2015
»» Sura Al-Anaam

My Questions About Esaa (A.S) All Muslim Believe He Return But my Aqeda he did not Return Because He Died. please Answer me about my Aqeda (Not? and Yes?) By: FAIZAN.AKBAR From PAKISTAN (LAHORE) on 08/05/2015
»» Website

Translation of Sura Al-Noor (24) Ayyat No. 1 to 64 (Complete) is now uploaded. Link is: By: ADNAN From PAKISTAN on 21/04/2015
»» Sura Al-Noor

Kia Allah ko insan kay zehen mein mustakbil mein ane wale khayalat ka bhi ilm hai,? Kia Iski wazahat Quran Majeed se hoti hai ya nahi hoti?Agar usko future mein Aane wale khayalat maloom hain to insan khud mukhtyar o irada kese ho sakta hai? By: HASHAM55 From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) on 20/04/2015
»» Haqooq e Niswan (Gawahi)

koun se se ayea se azeb e qabr ka concept lia jata hey , aor agar yeh quran mey nahi tou phir Muhammad(mpuh) say itni hadees kaise mansoob ho gee? By: DR SHAHID CHAUDHARY From SAUDI ARABIA (QASEEM) on 18/04/2015
»» Dr. Qamar Zaman

مسلمانوں کی نمازوں کے زرتشتی ماخظ Dowanload By: ADNAN From PAKISTAN on 17/04/2015
»» Beliefs

in quran all duas are addressed to RABB not Allah-i want to know why name Allah is not used in duas ? By: ROOHIJAMIL From UNITED KINGDOM (EDINBOROUGH) on 11/04/2015
»» Haqooq e Niswan (Gawahi)

Dear Sir, Assalamu Alaikum, I just want to confirm that this aastana blog is the same which is from Delhi. As I have an astana monthly edition of 1960. If it is then I have to order some books which u have mentioned in this said edition. By: FAIYAZ From INDIA (HYDERABAD) on 06/04/2015
»» Haqooq e Niswan (Gawahi)

a week ago,i just asked a very simple question that if animals are souls then how could quran allows us to kill and eat a living being? By: ROOHIJAMIL From UNITED KINGDOM (EDINBOROUGH) on 20/03/2015
»» Terminologies

Aoa, dear aastana members can you kindly translate surah ikhlaas exposing its main theme By: ABDUL HADI SAQIB From PAKISTAN (LAHORE) on 14/03/2015
»» Beliefs

Respected Dr.Qamar Zaman Sahab, For a complete guidance and understanding of Islam, would you please translate and upload all 114 surahs of Quran? Please also explain the concept of Jaza & Saza after death as Qayamt happens in life. By: OWAIS From UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (DUBAI) on 27/02/2015
»» Dr. Qamar Zaman

Salman alaikum pls explain verse 74:42:43 what is the prayer mentioned By: AMIR From INDIA (CHENNAI) on 23/02/2015

Dear aastana members can you define me the concept of mushrik and kaafir, in addition also provide their real life application. By: ABDUL HADI SAQIB From PAKISTAN (LAHORE) on 01/02/2015
»» Sura Al-Tawba

Dear aastana members can you define me the concept of ar ribbaa. If paying and receiving of interest is haraam how can à country regulate foreign direct investment and other areas. By: ABDUL HADI SAQIB From PAKISTAN (LAHORE) on 01/02/2015
»» Sura Al-Baqra

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Dear brother, you shouldn't confuse yourself and waste your time thinking about these small things , you should work out how to educate these people , i am 52 and recently found that RAWAYAT has been written about 200 years after Mohammad Peace be upon him passed away, cause no one told me. there are 95% like me who don't know about this, i hope you understand what i mean .lets n.........
Comments By: KANJU SWAT From UNITED KINGDOM (LONDON) on 26/05/2015>>Read

i actually don't look at the person who said it ,i look at what been said, so don't look at to them who they are ,listen to what they says, and thats the reason Dr QAMARUZAMAN sab atracted me,i don't know much about him, but what he say is acceptable to my mind,but still not convinced about the soam. i have to read more (about soam )what actully Quran talking about I DONT LOOK AT ALLAMAS,.
Comments By: KANJU SWAT From UNITED KINGDOM (LONDON) on 23/05/2015>>Read

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them." -- Galileo Galilei, (Acknowledgement: My utmost gratitude for Abun Nur, for editing and giving valuable input about concept clarification in English Language). Surah 111: 1 تَبَّتْ يَدَا أَبِي لَهَبٍ وَتَبَّ A pronouncement of advice about one’s .........
Comments By: BKANWAR2 From UNITED STATES on 22/05/2015>>Read

Dear Saidalavi, There is a search function on the top of this page, it will help you enormously because many of the questions have been addressed before. Through search I found this discussion.
Comments By: MANIZA From DENMARK (COPENHAGEN) on 18/05/2015>>Read

respected sir pls explain in English 6:164
Comments By: SAIDALAVI ANSARI From INDIA (KERALA) on 18/05/2015>>Read

If the "fate" of a child is miserable because of the society, then the society is seriously ill. So if Allah doesn't like people who do "zulm", his wrath is directed to the primitive jahils in the society who create a miserable fate for the child. So people should strive to change the society, that's the real cancer -
Comments By: NARGIS From BARBADOS (KIO BATAO?) on 12/05/2015>>Read

all prophets were born like human beings and they lived and died like human beings. The Quran is not ascribing any supernatural ability to any of the prophets.
Comments By: NARGIS From BARBADOS (KIO BATAO?) on 12/05/2015>>Read

Physical realtions with consent are marriage, whether your family knows or not, one can continue as per their wish , but the fate of child if born will be misreable due to many reasons and it is zulm over the child and Allah does not like people who do zulm.In my opinion any sexual realtion where there is objective to concieve must be open in society.
Comments By: DR SHAHID CHAUDHARY From SAUDI ARABIA (QASEEM) on 18/04/2015>>Read

pls explain 4:171
Comments By: SAIDALAVI ANSARI From INDIA (KERALA) on 06/04/2015>>Read

Dear Sister, could you please ask and post Dr. Zamman's understanding of this issue. Regards,
Comments By: BKANWAR2 From UNITED STATES on 04/04/2015>>Read

Ok ,but does this mean that it's cruel of us to kill animals for any reason.?whether animals have soul or not ,they feel pain when's killed.shouldn't we go veg?
Comments By: ROOHIJAMIL From UNITED KINGDOM (EDINBOROUGH) on 02/04/2015>>Read

Your question is not difficult at all, its straight forward, but it has nothing to do with the work. Judge something by the content, provide corrections. No personal information or cv is uploaded here because the aim is to let the work speak for itself. Which verse is saying its in a tongue you can easily understand? What is the link between the "tongue".........
Comments By: NARGIS From BARBADOS (KIO BATAO?) on 02/04/2015>>Read

oh ok, someone else brought that up long time ago but I can't remember the references he gave :/
Comments By: NARGIS From BARBADOS (KIO BATAO?) on 02/04/2015>>Read

We have rejected the traditional translations and when the Quran is studied in its own language, we can't find any order about eating animals or about th souls of animals.
Comments By: NARGIS From BARBADOS (KIO BATAO?) on 02/04/2015>>Read

Thanks Sister Nargis. These are grammatical reasons, which are widely known and established. I am talking about permissibility of ص being substituted for س and vice versa. There are many other letter that can be legitimately substituted according to Lane. He cites these with examples of words with substituted alphabets in the introduction to each letter/alphabet. Regards,
Comments By: BKANWAR2 From UNITED STATES on 25/03/2015>>Read

Moazzam Sahib my question is very simple (about command and control of the language). Abu Lahab couldn't understand the message which was in his own tongue (Arabic), In my opinion this is a total different subject . We can't deny those Quranic verses, where Allah repeated many time " I'm sending this book in your tongue so you can understand easily." Can you please directly address my question.
Comments By: MANSOOR From UNITED STATES (DC) on 23/03/2015>>Read

In case if any country doesnt provide its citizens basic resources, would it be allowed to the islamic state to wage a war against it
Comments By: ABDUL HADI SAQIB From PAKISTAN (LAHORE) on 22/03/2015>>Read

Abu lahab was the Arab native but couldn't understand the Quran's message. Lacking in proficiency in Arabic-language is not the hurdle but the preconceived notion and prejudice ideology is the main barrier to understand the quranic text in its true spirit. Even the lexicographers has been influenced by their social religious terms used in societies, therefore, quran needs its own d.........
Comments By: MOAZZAM From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) on 22/03/2015>>Read

Brother Aamir! The word SALLU came 99 time in quran in four derived forms, do you imagine its details are not given at any place in quran, how the strange is it? Refer to the verse 29/45 here SALAT stands for "to be restrained from committing FUHASH [ to follow other ideologies than islam], and to indulge in forbidden deeds" Now focus on " the prophets struggle" described in .........
Comments By: MOAZZAM From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) on 22/03/2015>>Read

Brother Abdul Hadi! Any peaceful welfare state having the constitution/execution of human rights based on justice is called ISLAMIC STATE. And its law abiding citizen are called MUSLIM whether they know Allah[the creating force] or not.
Comments By: MOAZZAM From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) on 22/03/2015>>Read

1. Classic Arabic has a rule where certain Alphabets can be subtituted for others. True or false? If true, have you come across this rule applied in the text of the Quran. Please give examples. **** Dr Is very busy with the translation, but I'm copy pasting an old post, don't know if its answering your question? The word Quran can be derived fro.........
Comments By: NARGIS From BARBADOS (KIO BATAO?) on 21/03/2015>>Read

If any state doesnt comply itself to quranic system would it be a mushrik state, if any quranic state does exist will it have any authority to wage a war against it
Comments By: ABDUL HADI SAQIB From PAKISTAN (LAHORE) on 21/03/2015>>Read

Comments By: MOHAMMED ALI From INDIA (CALICUT) on 21/03/2015>>Read

Ref: 14:4, Sura 14 verse 4: We sent not an Apostle except to teach the people in their own language in order to make things clear to them…………….. Sura 39 verse 28: This is Quran in Arabic, without any crookedness: in order that they may guard against Evil. So, the word Terminology is usual Arabic and the meaning as well. God din’t send a LEXICON dictionary with Q.........
Comments By: MOHAMMED ALI From INDIA (CALICUT) on 21/03/2015>>Read

A few Points Neglected: 1] Law of conservation of energy says that Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but can only be transformed into different forms (Not a theory rather a Law of Proven Science). Which concludes that we will not be destroyed or end after death (Maut). We will continue but in what form that's a part of another discussion. So if somebody understands Ma.........
Comments By: KAIF From INDIA (DELHI) on 20/03/2015>>Read

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