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23 July 2014
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July, 2014
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How to download these books in android mobile. By: TAHIR KHAN From PAKISTAN (MULTAN) on 17/07/2014
»» Qisa Adam o Iblees

Assalamu Alaikkum! Being a great fan of Aastana since 3 years, and having tasted the real nectar of the original Islam, I wish to share this video which I discovered with my comments: By: GHAZIKHAN From INDIA (HYDERABAD) on 16/07/2014
»» Haqooq e Niswan (Gawahi)

Respected Sir, In sura tehreem 66 ayea 1. what does Azwajik mean, either wives of exalted Prophet or his (mpuh)companions. By: DR SHAHID CHAUDHARY From SAUDI ARABIA (QASEEM) on 16/07/2014
»» Haqooq e Niswan (Gawahi)

Translation of Sura Al-Anbiya (21) Ayyat No. 1 to 112 (Complete) is now uploaded. Link is: By: ADNAN From PAKISTAN on 14/07/2014
»» Sura Al-Anbiya

I wrote many times in the form on the site, but no one answers. So, I have a translation of the book "THE TRUTH ABOUT SALAT. Dr. Qamar Zaman" to Russian. Do you want to put it on the site? By: ONLYQURAN01 From RUSSIAN FEDERATION (RUSSIA) on 04/07/2014
»» Beliefs

If the Quran does not describe the halal or haram eatable things, meaning that any /horse can be eaten? By: DR SHAHID CHAUDHARY From SAUDI ARABIA (QASEEM) on 03/07/2014
»» Halal o Haram

Namaz -e- Jinaza k barey mey brief kurey plz By: DR SHAHID CHAUDHARY From SAUDI ARABIA (QASEEM) on 02/07/2014
»» Haqiqat e Salat

Regarding Pardha in islam as sura NOOR that a wife/female is allowed not to observe pardha in front of nephews, Is these nephews are of female(wife) or husband? By: DR SHAHID CHAUDHARY From SAUDI ARABIA (QASEEM) on 30/06/2014
»» Haqooq e Niswan (Gawahi)

Translation of Sura Ta-Ha (20) Ayyat No. 1 to 135 (Complete) is now uploaded. Link is: By: ADNAN From PAKISTAN on 25/06/2014
»» Sura Ta-Ha

Kindly send Dr. Qamar Zaman's US phone number to me at By: ASARULISLAM From UNITED STATES (LOS ANGELES) on 12/06/2014
»» Beliefs

Qasam ka qurani tasavor kia ya is ki haqeeqat kia hay quran ki roshinee may? ye jo log jazbat may akay quran utha laytay hain ya os par hat rakhkey qasam khalay tay hain, is ki kia haseeyat hay. By: SHAIKHSALAM From UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (ABU DHABI) on 02/06/2014
»» Haqooq e Niswan (Gawahi)

surah isra ki pehle ayat surah nahl ki last or isra ki doosri ayat se link mein nahi hai jis mein hai hum nae di moosa ko kitab( qawaneen ), By: ABDUL HADI SAQIB From PAKISTAN (LAHORE) on 04/05/2014
»» Sura Bani Israeel/Al-Isra

aor phir kaha gaya ke hum ne moosa ko deye ahkamaate ilahi. is se link banta hai By: ABDUL HADI SAQIB From PAKISTAN (LAHORE) on 04/05/2014
»» Sura Bani Israeel/Al-Isra

Salam Dr sahib , it is very hard for me to read ,i prefer to listen,(and there are many people like me) , DO you have audio books or do you have ,audio darsess ? so i can download it and listen to it? if not why don't you record ?thanks By: KANJU SWAT From UNITED KINGDOM (LONDON) on 26/04/2014
»» Website

Translation of Sura An-Nahal (16) Ayyat No. 1 to 111 (Complete) is now uploaded. Link is: By: ADNAN From PAKISTAN on 25/04/2014
»» Sura Bani Israeel/Al-Isra

AOA - Transaltion of vers 2:85 .... اور جو کام تم کرتے ہو، مملکت خداداد ان سے غافل نہیں ہے۔ . where is the mumlikat-khudadad today? By: ANWER SURI From UNITED STATES on 16/04/2014
»» Sura Al-Baqra

Dear Moazzam sir,regards, Sir Quran me kain places par na ki pronoun use huyee hai joki first person ki plural hai jaise 2/3 me hai razaq na hum.Yahan na(we) se murad kaun hai?kya khaliq e kaynat? By: MOHD DANISH From INDIA (SAHARANPUR) on 09/04/2014
»» Translations

Asslam o alikum, Janab Islami nizam kayam karne ke liye (puri duniya me) kitna waqt aur lag sakta hai? Agar AAp ki ya Allama pervez sahab ki mehnat milkar yeh kaam kare to kitna waqat lag sakta hai? By: SALEEM AHMED SHAIKH From INDIA (AURANGABAD) on 08/04/2014
»» Haqooq e Niswan (Gawahi)

»» Haqooq e Niswan (Gawahi)

«»Page no. 1 of 71
Anyone who is familiar with Religion Islam and Muslims would know following basic concepts. 1. Quran is the basis of their religion and beliefs. 2. The fundamental belief is that Allah is the one only deity for worship 3. The purpose of creation or life is to worship Allah 4. All of them claim that they understand Quran. However, matter of fact is none of them und.........
Comments By: BKANWAR2 From UNITED STATES on 23/07/2014>>Read

Dear Dr Shahid chaudhry ! here in 66/1أَزْوَاجِكَ means your associate jama'ts.
Comments By: MOAZZAM From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) on 23/07/2014>>Read

Iqra07! remember the history is always biased. neither blindly-believes in Quran nor blindly deny the Ahadith or any personal quote, each and every claim must be analyzed on rational grounds. Results speaks, so we take the truth and nature as an absolute authority being the criteria to judge right from wrong. we rejected so called Islamic holy history (ahadith) bec.........
Comments By: MOAZZAM From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) on 23/07/2014>>Read

I beg your pardon Sir, but this is not a complex question at all. The ahadith are 100% invalid. Mr. Bukhari embarked upon a journey to find a VERY SMALL HANDFUL of people to record his ahadith from. So the question is WHY did he have to travel so FAR AND WIDE to find those small, minute, handful of people from whom to listen to ahadith? The answer for me is obvious; because ahadi.........
Comments By: DAMON From UNITED STATES (PITTSBURGH) on 15/07/2014>>Read

dear Iqra07, How do you know that Qur'an is perfect? cheers, ./burberrie
Comments By: BURBERRIE From MALAYSIA (SHAH ALAM) on 14/07/2014>>Read

Dr. Shabbir u r very intelligent personality i read ur book criminal of Islam and true story of Islam both books r very good. i humble request to support to Mr. Qamr sahab he is doing very nice job in Isalm i read his books and literature and i think both of u make together and explain about the truth of hadis and other rivayat to all muslim please do not cross each other but unit.........
Comments By: SALEEM AHMED SHAIKH From INDIA (AURANGABAD) on 10/07/2014>>Read

This is a complex question. Are hadith valid ? well some of them are and some are not. Some are graded as weak or unreliable , others are rated as good and others rated as very strong. It is important to remember that the Prophet Muhammad (saws) lived in a day and time where literacy was extremely low. Most people could not read and write and so there was a strong oral tradition..........
Comments By: IQRA07 From UNITED STATES (CHICAGO) on 09/07/2014>>Read

please make the question more clear, just elaborate it.
Comments By: MOAZZAM From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) on 08/07/2014>>Read

The traditional QASAM UTHANA is entirely a ritual/custom of religious ignorant, it has nothing with quran. There is legality of oath as per state law, as usually being practiced in our courts .
Comments By: MOAZZAM From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) on 08/07/2014>>Read

There is nothing like this mentioned in quran, the orthodox translators wrongly translated/interpreted the relevant verses of surah noor.
Comments By: MOAZZAM From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) on 08/07/2014>>Read

Sister Maniza is right,there is no namaz e punjgana or janaza in quran,these are just religious rituals only. Quran emphasize on Salat which is a continuous struggle to establish the NIZAM E RABOBIYAT in the society.
Comments By: MOAZZAM From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) on 08/07/2014>>Read

Dear Shahid chaudhri! What to eat and what not is purely a subject of personal liking/disliking if there is no harm or hygienically no bad effects. Quran only gives values and parameters/principles we have to make laws accordingly in the benefit of mankind. One of the quranic principle is EVERY HARMFUL IS haram and EVERY BENEFICIAL TO MANKIND is halal.
Comments By: MOAZZAM From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) on 08/07/2014>>Read

Comments By: ONLYQURAN01 From RUSSIAN FEDERATION (RUSSIA) on 07/07/2014>>Read

Dear Maniza your answer is not related to my question. it means you can eat dog . cats or all. coz Quran has not mentioned this,i think you must answer according to ehkmat ellahi.
Comments By: DR SHAHID CHAUDHARY From SAUDI ARABIA (QASEEM) on 07/07/2014>>Read

Dear Shahid, If there is no ritualistic prayer, then there is non for the dead either. its upto local customs how they want to send off the dead. I have decided to give my body to science hence no janaza ;)
Comments By: MANIZA From DENMARK (COPENHAGEN) on 07/07/2014>>Read

Dear shahid, Why do you think the Quran should talk about food, sex, religion etc? It says it guides to take mankind out of darkness, why would it talk of such things, its a book for human rights and not human eating habits. regards Maniza
Comments By: MANIZA From DENMARK (COPENHAGEN) on 07/07/2014>>Read

Dear Onlyqurano1, I am realy sorry that you have had no response. Regarding the book I apprecitate your endevor and hard work. I will talk to adnan or you can send me the book to my email.
Comments By: MANIZA From DENMARK (COPENHAGEN) on 07/07/2014>>Read

I called Islam a religion based upon falsehood. I am sure; I made lot of believers of Islam upset. But truth needs to be told. How can one make such an outrageous claim? Can this claim be substantiated? There is hardly anyone who would argue that Quran is not the bases of Islam. Furthermore, although there may not be a consensus about definition of a Muslim, however, n.........
Comments By: BKANWAR2 From UNITED STATES on 02/07/2014>>Read

I do not say anything. I only share linguistic based understanding of Quran. Allah means " One who is not at all a deity for worship". Are there any deities for worship? Historically, numerous Yahweh, Hera Mazda, as well word Allah has been made into a deity for worship by religion Islam and its followers. Regards
Comments By: BKANWAR2 From UNITED STATES on 29/06/2014>>Read

Dear BkAnwar When you say," there is no other deity to be worshipped" means there indeed exist deities.
Comments By: MANIZA From DENMARK (COPENHAGEN) on 29/06/2014>>Read

It's not just you. There's something wrong with the site.
Comments By: DAMON From UNITED STATES (PITTSBURGH) on 04/06/2014>>Read

Is it just me or other people can not see Arabic text on this site. It appears gibberish.
Comments By: BKANWAR2 From UNITED STATES on 04/06/2014>>Read

Adil kayani, What you posted was the Hadith based translation and has NOTHING to do with the real meaning of Jahannam or Jannat. Neither does this forum support Hadith of any sort
Comments By: MANIZA From DENMARK (COPENHAGEN) on 01/06/2014>>Read

Few questions are repeatedly brought up in discussions everywhere and especially on this forum. Why argue about existence of god? Why do we need Quran? Are there any principles in Quran that could be of any use to humans now? These are all valid and legitimate questions. So I decided to take a step back and think about these. Since, if one cannot answer these questions.........
Comments By: BKANWAR2 From UNITED STATES on 13/05/2014>>Read

Jazakallha, aapne bahut hi accha jawab diya hai sunkar dill ko kafi tasalli mili aap ka bahoot bahoot shukrya. saleem ahmed.
Comments By: SALEEM AHMED SHAIKH From INDIA (AURANGABAD) on 05/05/2014>>Read

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